Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Transformers CCG Update 11

Back again for another update here.  I have been working on the cards still, now going through folder three of characters and onto the letter H for you Sesame street fans out there.  I have fleshed out the rules alot more and I have some pretty good ideas for new cards and mechanics, but no details will be given yet until I have fully statted the cards and created the equipments cards etc.  So alot of work still to do, but its getting there.

Some characters may have slightly different artwork if its available that is.  Certain characters like Drift will have to be from another source, while Sunstorm may never appear unless someone is cool enough to draw a sweet piece of artwork for them.  I am also aware that since I am using the IDW more than meets the eye series of images, some of them may be canonically iffy or wrong in places.  I will correct these after I finish the cards because changing things at this point would be a nightmare, and I am sort of on a roll with the cards at the moment.

Ok a few new autobots here.  Grapple is a classic autobot shown here with some sweet artwork.  Groundshaker is a character I have never read about, but he looks pretty cool also and he is a autobot flyer.  Hardhead will be a fun character to use, as he will be deadly in his tank form.  Funny how he wasn't added to Fall of cybertron really.

On the decepticon side we a sharkticon, which yes technically isn't really a decepticon but he fits the bill here so whatever.  Maybe sharkticons will be a special weak unit that can be brought in as weak units in numbers, like Junkions or something like that.  Grit and Hammer are both pretty cool looking 'cons, although Hammer looks like an evil version of Huffer.

Micromasters are going to be a bit of a struggle for me in this as I am not sure if I should stick with the tiny robots idea, or just say they are regular sized transformers with a few combiners in there.  Just the idea of a diddy decepticon smaller than bloody rumble attacking Roadbuster seems surreal.  I personally will retcon them to be a little bigger, possibly taller than soundwaves mini-cons, but a little shorter than say Bumblebee.  That way they are still small, but so small its ridiculous.  If they were that small how did they use consoles in bases for communications and the such?  Everything would have to have been shrunk for them.


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