Friday, 3 August 2012

Transformers CCG Update 10

Back again for another card update today.  I have almost finished folder two, around three characters left to go there.  Once I get all of the characters placed I will need to go through them all to see if they need resizing and moving.  After that I need to create images for the stats.  So a shield for defence, A plus symbol for health and a lightning bolt for attack.  This may change but thats the image I am going for at the moment.

Once the images are placed on all the cards I can begin writing down stats for EVERY character.  This is where balance will become a key issue, as some cards may end up being too powerful or not strong enough to be useful.  Its going to be a long process in that regard.

Special abilities are next after that which will further complicate combat due to the range of buffs, debuffs and healing they can perform.  Some characters can simply do extra damage but not every turn or else it would defeat the purpose of having a base attack stat.

Flak looks cool and although he isn't one of the big characters in the story I can see him being a tough support character.  Fortress Maximus will be something similar in power to metroplex, although I will only allow autobot players to have one or the other not both for balance purposes.  Freeway will be a decent frontline bot, while Gears will have some use for his infrared lights I assure you :)

On the decepticon side there isn't much, but since the lists are being done alphabetically there isn't much I can do.  The only time they ignore this is when a group like the combaticons arrive and the list goes through them.  Anyway we have Frenzy and Galvatron for the 'cons.  Frenzy will be physically weak but can support with his tremor fists, while Galvatron will be a replacement leader for Megatron.  His upside will be his massive defence to represent his Unicronian design, but a relatively low attack and health compared to Megatron at least.  Again this is all in the air until it comes to statting the characters.


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