Thursday, 16 August 2012

TNA Hardcore Justice Review

Ok this review I made no notes, mainly because I knew this pay per view was going to suck and I was running out of paper to write notes.  But suffice to say it wasn't anything memorable and some of the matches I would have cut entirely in favour of more bound for glory matches, or to extend the existing bound for glory matches.

Devon please for the love of god cover up
Ok first off (and this is no particular order) the three so called "hardcore" bound for glory matches.  The falls count anywhere match with RVD, Mr.Anderson, Pope and Magnus was pretty feckin' awful.  Aces and eights attack Pope backstage so he never even makes it to the arena, leaving just three men for the match.  I kind of feel bad for Pope because he hasn't really been on Impact much recently and when he has he generally loses.  I wouldn't be surprised to see him to leave the company like many others due to the new contract situation and not feeling appreciated.  Anderson also doesn't really feel like he has been used much since his return and this match is probably the best he has had since returning, but that isn't saying much.  RVD continues to botch moves and at one point hit Magnus pretty hard in the back of the head with a chair from behind.  Unprotected chairshots like this shouldn't even be in matches after the concussion controversy a few years back, and yet TNA still does it.  The match ends with RVD picking up the 20 points and moving into the top area of the table.

The tables match was almost over before it even started when Bully ray was double suplexed into a table Robbie E failed to move in time.  Everyone looked shocked and unsure what was going to happen, but the bullshit decision was to continue the match because bully only went through the corner of the table and not the middle.  Other than that the match was pretty meh in its quality.  Aces and eights once again arrive and pretend to help James Storm, but this only helps Bully ray instead who puts Hardy through the table and wins.

The ladder match was the best of the night.  All four guys had a really good match, got plenty of spotlight for themselves and did some nasty moves.  Out of all the matches this was the most hardcore of the four and really seemed like the guys involved actually gave a crap about the match.  AJ styles won this one even though the points puts him nowhere near to being in position to win the BFG series.

You can really see Madion's muscles here
Really my biggest issue was the lack of that hardcore match feeling.  Where had all the weapons gone?  Why wasn't anyone brawling backstage?  No one even brawled in the crowd it was tame.  When you have a pay per view named HARCORE JUSTICE!!!!!! then you better have some fucking hardcore matches or fuck off.  So in summary here:

Falls count anywhere - Shit
Tables Match - Passable
Ladder Match - Good

The TV title match was fucking boring as well.  Devon and Kazarian going at it is like watching two octogenerians fuck.  Devon is stuck in the late nineties pulling moves we have all seen before and being about as charismatic as a crack addict at a swanky dinner party, while Kazarian just sucked in general.  Kazarian can put on a good match but here it seemed like he was just cashing a cheque.  Of course Devon wins again with his weak ass spinebuster.

Angle seems to be enoying this too much
The X division match was technically good but my god why the fuck did they not give the win to Kenny King?  New guy joins from ring of honor, has great moves, charisma and is liked by the fans and he jobs to fucking Zema Ion.  The only reason Ion has any pull in that company now is because he broke someones neck.  If he hadn't of injured Sorenson I don't think we would be seeing Ion anywhere near the X division title. 

The chavo tag match was actually pretty bland.  He was in the first match of the night which isn't the best way to book your new babyface from WWE.  The worst thing about this match was that Chavo got his ass handed to him the entire match.  He had very little to do offensively and basically tried to tag in Hernandez the entire time, only tagging back in to pick up the win.  Good god could they have not the match with Hernandez being beaten up and him having to tag in the fresh new talent to clean house?  You know like you should so the fans will actually get behind him and not think he's some punching bag that needs rescuing.  Dumbass booking right there folks.

The main event I had ruined for me TNA's fucking website.  They always do this after pay per views by posting the results in the headline of their news story, unlike other wrestling company websites which have a post labelled "Results inside".  Aries wins, but we knew that was coming anyway.  They run the same match they had the last two times they met and now that Aries has won Rooo can no longer challenge Aries to a rematch.  Expect him to bitch incessantly on the next impact show.

Meet the crew: Stank, scratchface, Mooky and the Klaw
The knockouts match was shite as well.  Madison wins due to tessmacher thinking Earl was cheating on Madison's behalf when he was doing his job.  The match is really really boring until this point.  But we have a new knockouts champion and now maybe she will ditch hebner and just be a heel once more.

Overall this pay per view was pretty crap.  The hardcore element was weak and the other matches just failed to impress all that much.  The best match of the night was the ladder match which truly did shine as something fun to watch.  The impact of aces and eights was very limited considering they are the main plot at the moment and the title match was predictable and not all that interesting to watch.


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