Saturday, 25 August 2012

Quick update

Nothing much has been going here the last couple of days but I will be posting my three part review over the next few days of Transformers Fall of cybertron.  The first part will cover the campaign, the second will be about the multiplayer aspect and the third will cover the cooperative escalation mode and the DLC.

In other news my Guild wars 2 review might be a little late because I have had issues with registering my serial key and trying to get the website to work correctly.  At the time of posting I cannot get beyond trying to login because I cannot reset my password anymore and the serial key may need resetting by Arenanet.  Its frustrating as hell but I hope to have it working either this weekend of sometime next week.  I guess at least I am not paying a subscription so time isn't that much of a problem but it still sucks not being able to register properly due to the developers servers being overloaded.  I guess it must be what many Diablo 3 players suffered in the early days of launch.

Anyway look for my review in the next few days and thanks for reading.


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