Saturday, 28 July 2012

Transformers CCG Update 9

Another update today as yet more cards have been finished.  I recently posted the dinobots over on  Well not to worry here they are also along with a few decepticons I finished more recently.  I was a little frustrated with Dreadwind because his image was intermingled with his targetmaster and removing him seamlessly was something beyond my skill with Photoshop.  So the little blighter stayed in the pic.  He will be an attachment anyway so I guess him being on the image is one down in that regard, I shall have to see.

Grimlock as you can is so much awesome he has two cards for his character.  His T-rex mode will not count as an extra card in your hand, in fact it will be placed facedown in your card area when you draw Grimlock, after you search your deck for his T-rex mode/robot mode.  The rest of the Dinobots will be tough as nails also, but cost more to bring into combat to balance their power.

Although Cyclonus is one of Galvatrons lieutenants and is the rebirth of one of the seekers we can pretend he is a seperate character for the game on the count he looks cool.  Dirge gets his card at last and looks cool with his blue colour scheme.  He will likely have some nasty special ability.  Detour the little yellow sports car I quite like even if his artwork is a little below the standard of the other characters.  I like his car mode and he will fill out decepticon decks as a frontline unit to hold off autobots until better units can be deployed.  Like I said earlier with dreadwind there was little i could do to cut out the little guy so he is stuck with it sadly.

Anyway enjoy this batch and keep checking back for more in the coming days.


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