Friday, 20 July 2012

Transformers CCG update 8

Back again.  I have been busy with a bunch of wrestling reviews and playing games I got from the steam summer sale so my card work took a short backseat.  That isn't to say that I haven't been working on them though :)

These two autobots represent the completed folder 1 of my work.  They are a couple of extra flyers for the autobot force, something the autobots need more of.  Meanwhile on the decepticon front I have finished work on the devastator combiner cards.  Below are th finished placements for mixmaster and scrapper. but the rest are done.

Tomorrow I will be posting a review of a slightly older game now, but new for me and that is Saints Row the third.  Later on I will post a review of the awesome Max Payne 3, a game that really exceeded my expectations.

Anyway thanks for reading and see you for more card updates soon.


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