Friday, 13 July 2012

Transformers CCG update 7

Hello and welcome back to another update on my transformers CCG.  This post will just be more cards really, but tomorrow I will be posting a new review on the blog on the new codemasters smash em up, DIRT Showdown.

Anyway the cards today are more of the A-C folder of characters.  I am nearing completion of folder 1, making it somewhere close to 40+ characters already.

First is Brainstorm, a character seen prominently in the final American series of G1 the rebirth.  He is sans headmaster here.  I do like the vehicle mode for this art and I think the card really stands out.

Bumblee needs no introduction of course.  He looks far cooler than the Bay version and this art actually makes him look cool.

As for the decepticons we have cement-head and Buzzsaw.  Cement head is a micromaster who also comes equipped with a heavy duty weapon in robot mode.  Buzzsaw on  the other hand will be a unique character/attachment card, able to buff Soundwave in his cassette mode or perform hit and run strikes in bird mode.

These four only represent a small amount of the characters I completed yesterday and more will be available tomorrow along with my DIRT Showdown review.  Thanks for reading and have a good weekend.


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