Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Transformers CCG update 6

Hello again I am back for another Transformers CCG update.  Today is more of the characters from the first folder going from A to B of the named characters.  I have nearly finished the first folder, only 13 or so to go, making somewhere around 40 characters alone.

When I do eventually finish placing the characters, I need to revisit the existing pics and find attachment cards for them.  Pretty much any character that uses a headmaster, targetmaster, actionmaster and powermaster will be sorted.  Large characters like Metroplex will have his two smaller autobots that either attach to friendlies to aid them or act to buff Metroplex more.  Combiners I have already covered, along with triple changers.  I am a little puzzled on duocons since that seems like a decepticon term for triple changer in a way, I will need to research it.

The other issue is teams.  Groups like the dinobots, wreckers, race car patrol etc. are teams that have no combining ability to them but are a tight knit group none the less.  I was thinking of attach cards for teams that when a certain number of them are on the field they all gain a small bonus from fighting alongside each other.  It would have to something that promoted that kind of tactical play that would encourage players to consider how their decks are built.

Defeat is also another issue I have pondered.  Nobody likes to see their favourite character bite the dust, so I think I may go officially for a rule term stating incapacitated rather than dead.  Incap units are evac'd to the rear for repairs, since many of these characters have been fighting for centuries anyway its not too far a push in that regard.  Obviously there will be nothing to say you can't have downed units be dead.

So on the with cards:

Brawn, Bluestreak and Blaster I cherry picked because they are G1 Ark Autobots and they are cool :)  Blitzwing is also sweet.  I uploaded both his forms as a triple changer character.  These do not represent all of my current progress, just some of the cards I have finished.  I especially like Bluestreak he looks badass.


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