Sunday, 8 July 2012

Transformers CCG Update 5

Just updating with yesterdays cards I finished.  Tomorrow I will upload more, along with my TNA review for this week.  I am not looking forward to TNA.  I am hopefully going to obtain a new game soon, but I am still not sure yet.  If I do I will post a new review for it which will rock.

I am also looking into other discussions going on at the moment, such as the reveal of ROME 2 total war.  The horrendous DLC cost for the street fighter X tekken character pack and the current controversy that is raging over the Battlefield Premium system.

Anyway todays cards are more of the characters starting with A and going into B on the list of characters.  More decepticons than autobots, but I can't really help that.  Again Astrotrain has two cards because he is a triple changer so you would need both cards with vehicle modes to use.  Barrage (the first autobot image) is a micromaster who would need his partner in order to transform him.  The benefit of micromasters is that alone they are cheap to play onto the field so you can have larger numbers, but they are physically weaker, so have a higher chance of being knocked out of the fight.


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