Friday, 6 July 2012

Transformers CCG Update 4

Yes more updates just keep coming.  Today is the debut of more card placement.  These are in the order I have them from the "more than meets the eye" books I have.  So if you have them yourself you can see whats on the horizon.  Also since these books are in alphabetical order certain favourite characters like Optimus will be a way off yet.

Still progress is progress after all.  The sooner I get the placements done the quicker I can get to finalising some rules and putting the text on the cards :)

Anyway here is the list new cards for today. You will notice that Apeface has two cards.  This is because he is a triple changer.  To work around triple changers, you will need two cards, but I don't think I will count them toward your maximum card hand to use them.  More like you put them facedown to the side for the time you get the character.  I might them more expensive to use though to try and balance such a diverse character type.  Anyway triple changers will be a simple card type to use since all you need to do is tell your opponent you are transforming to the alternate mode as normal and then move the damage, buffs and debuffs to the other card.  Simple really.  Or it will be in a play situation than reading all of that.  Anyway more cards will be up tomorrow, thanks for reading and have a good weekend.


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