Thursday, 5 July 2012

Transformers CCG update 3

I must say I am motoring along on these card updates.  I have really gotten to grips with the basics of cutting them out, adding effects and then altering the size to fit.

These cards below represent my most up-to-date work so far.  I have finished placement on the card, but no names or stats have been added since the text will probably change from my demo version, and the stats themselves from Air Raids demo will likely change to be icons, with the only text being the special ability of each bot in robot and vehicle modes.

So yes I have finished my decepticon team, and fittingly they are the combaticons.  Lets face it they needed to be finished first since they are looking pretty epic in fall of cybertron.  I am quite happy how they turned out on the decepticon card and look forward to coming up with stats and special abilities for them in the future.  If nothing else other people could use the images to add their own stats and make a different game.

Anyway enjoy the images below, thanks for reading and I will be bringing more updates as the weeks roll in my game bereft july.


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