Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Transformers CCG update 2

I have been busy these past few days since my original reveal of the demo card featuring Air Raid.  Now it is time to reveal the back of the card.  Now the back is obviously not strictly necessary for playing but it does help to complete the look of a traditional CCG.

I am not 100% happy with the text I made for the back, well I didn't entirely make it, but I do feel the image is pretty good and fits the style of the game.  I would suggest stocking up on ink before printing any of these out when the game is finished because the back will be a bit intensive.  I can lighten the back to reduce this, but for now the image is mainly to help put the whole product together.

Tomorrow will be more of a progress day because I will be finishing the aerialbots without their stats since I have yet to finalise the rules for the game yet.  But it will much like Air Raid just without the stats.  I will include the names though.  After that I will be finishing the combaticons along with both Bruticus and Superion.  Like the todays image and sundays they will be added to the blog.

Tomorrow will see the review of yesterdays RAW and the countdown to my probably last raw review being the 1000th episode.

Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow


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