Sunday, 1 July 2012

Transformers CCG first reveal

I have been talking about my transformers CCG now for a few weeks and promising some kind of update.  This has been a massive learning curve for me since I am completely new to Paintshop and using it to create images.  Fortunately I had some really great and patient help from my critical web designer (girlfriend) who showed me the basics, although I do still have to ask every now and then.

But without further delay here is the first card from my tentatively named CCG Transformers Conflicts.  The stats are not final simply being there for space and positioning for things like text.  Both the robot and vehicle mode are used each having different stats and other benefits.  Those of you who recognise the artwork will know what to expect from the rest of the cards in the future.

The vehicle modes will be based on the artwork, so there is nothing I can do there, but suspend disbelief and you can imagine the fighting taking place on cybertron.  I do intend at some point to use the war for cybertron and fall of cybertron artwork when I can get my hands on the art book coming this october, to make a special set of character cards with those images instead.  The number in the top left represents an energon cost for bringing in the card, hence the pinkish energon colour.  I wanted blue in ther somewhere to fit the original eye colours of the characters.

The decepticon card will also have different colours for the border and background to better suit their faction, so think purple borders and silver inner lining.  The background will also be a purple colour.  The back of the card is yet to be finished but will not take as long as the front, but I will probably hold off showing it here since I need to focus on getting the few hundred character cards done now.

After the cards are all finished I can finalise the rules and then give them stats to fit the system.  Like I said earlier Air raid will probably not have a 35 attack since it doesn't work out well for halving damage from cluster bomb launcher.  Some characters will have extra cards that attach to them, an example being Optimus Prime with his trailer for vehicle mode being an attach card to add to his attacks, or allow him to attack other targets.  Roller may also make and appearance. 

Combiners will have special rules to allow you to bring in the unstoppable Devastator or powerful Superion.  Triple changers might need seperate cards to represent their other vehicle modes, and I have no idea how I am going to handle Sixshot, but we'll see when I get there.

The plan is to bring out a set of Ark autobots and Nemesis decepticons for that G1 feel, and then slowly bring in equal numbers of Autobots and decepticons.  Of course the game will be free to download from the blog and all rights and trademarks go to their respective owners, I don't want to make any money off this.

Well thanks for reading and being patient as I work on these cards, the game will be a way off yet but I intend to try and get something significant done by years end.  See you all tomorrow for my TNA review.


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