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TNA Review 8th July 2012

Does anyone else feel that Destination X is something of a half-hearted concession on the part of TNA to the original fans of TNA?  Look at the card online or now the results if you don't mind spoilers, and you will see that destination X has very little story feuds going into it.  In fact two of them are instead being broadcast on free TV the following thursday instead.  Why couldn't Bully Ray and Joseph Park face off at the PPV?  Just because its destination X?  But TNA has virtually no X division wrestlers anymore, hence the reason they draft in a bunch of other indie guys to fill out the roster for one night.

Do you think he orders at McDonalds this way?
Anyway tonights Impact starts off with a really cheesy and unnecessary voice over to recap last weeks "events" and calling them events is being generous.  Does Spike think all of its viewers are morons that they might forget what happened last week?  They do not know wrestling fans very well do they.  Any mistake you make with your wrestling show, the fans will never forget trust me.

Bully Ray opens the show with his usual boring ass promo.  I do like Bully as a wrestler, but his character is soooo boring and repetitive it just makes you tune out.  Bully makes his first live tweet, which probably sounded better on paper in the creative discussions, but on the show it just fell flat.  He then calls out Joseph Park, who shows up a few seconds later.  I'm surprised he hasn't got his own theme music yet since he has been a character in TNA for more than a week now.  Park runs his own babyface anti-bullying promo and keeps his challenge open.  Bully accepts so long as it has the same stipulations they had at Slammiversary.  Park accepts the changes and then Bully produces a restraining order against Abyss.  He claims if Abyss interferes in the match he will be sent to jail for the rest of his life, which seems highly unlikely to be honest, but it was probably a slip of the tongue so to speak.  To end the segment he cheapshots Park and leaves.

Backstage in Hogans fake office, Austin Aries and Hogan discuss the X division title hand over tonight.  Thats it, thats all they do.  It had no point beyond having Hogan on screen for a minute, which is probably why they did it in the first place.

We get another throwaway time filler segment showing the backstage camera crew asking Dixie about AJ and Claire.  She tells them she won't answer any questions and thats it.  Again this meant nothing, and moved nothing forward at all.

Television Title Match - Crimson VS Devon

The future of TNA? Disturbing future more like
Mike Tenay points out that the TV title which was supposed to be defended each week, wasn't for two weeks running, but assures us now that it will from now on.  Which means fuck all since it will be forgotten again no doubt.  Also who the fuck wants to see Devon defend a pointless title?  His opponent tonight is Crimson, who used to be unstoppable, but now he is weak ass like Kane after one of his storylines wrap up.  Crimson gets an early advantage cheapshotting Devon, but you know he is eventually going to lose.  They have this weird botched pin, that I guess was a work because Crimson immediately shouts at Hebner for ruining his chance of winning.  Devon catches Crimson off guard and splats him with the Spinebuster for the win.

Post match Madison Rayne arrives and jumps Earl Hebner, snogging him....alot.  Yeah this came out of nowhere and frankly pisses me off.  You know this was arranged by Hogan and his cronies since Earl is a friend of his.  Earl has trouble keeping his hands off the knockouts at the best of times, but now he conviniently gets a story where a hot woman is desperate to fuck him?!  Seriously fuck you Earl Hebner, and fuck you TNA.

Probably the last time we see Sabin on TNA I bet
After a break we return to see Chris Sabin in the ring, talking about his future in TNA now that he has torn his other ACL.  He is likely to be out again for several months, even after successful surgery.  He runs a sob story about how his friends and family want him to leave the wrestling business, and how his doctor has told him to quit.  The crowd boo this idea of course. "booo to his sound medical advice! We want to see him injure himself more!".  Bobby Rooo hasn't been on screen yet so he arrives to continue his hate on the X division to build his feud with Aries.  He berates Sabin a bit and then kicks out his crutch and attacks his damaged ACL.  Aries makes the save and Rooo runs away.

X Division Qualifier Match - Dakota Darsow VS Flip Cassanova
Injury right there

Darsow makes his return again after last years Destination X.  Cassanova is a new face for TNA.  This match was good, incredibly spotty, but good none the less.  Darsow picks up a bad injury to his nose, seeing him bleed profusely near the end of the match.  Still Cassanova wins with a pretty impressive high risk turnbuckle move.  This match is what I would like to see more of from the X division and TNA in general.

Tessmacher is asked backstage if Gail Kim is avoiding her, which Tessmacher agrees with and promises she will beat her again.  Apparently Gail is avoiding the match using legal shields and the such.  Problem is this is the first time I have heard anything about this situation with Gail Kim, avoiding Tessmacher.

Knockouts Tag Team Match - Tara & Brooke Tessmacher VS Madison Rayne & Gail Kim

After Brooke plays the babyface in distress for a couple of minutes, Tara is tagged in and pretty much cleans house.  She hits Madison with the widows peak and pins her for the win.  I assume this was done intentionally to make Tara look like a strong competitor for the knockouts title.  Since Tessmacher did very little to her rival, and Gail got owned by Tara in a few seconds so maybe a split in the Tess/Tara alliance is on the horizon.

They really enjoy being evil
AJ is next to hit the ring tonight.  He denies being the father to Claires baby and demands proof from Daniels.  Kaz and Daniels arrive on cue and begin to run their own promo about AJ until they are cut off.  AJ brings us back to the rivalry that started a year ago when he beat Daniels at Destination X, and how this year he is going to do it again in a last man standing match.

Meanwhile backstage in Hogans three wall office he is being interviewed by the camera crew until a guy wearing shades and a bandana arrives.  He hands Hogan a package saying "we aren't cowards".  Hogan opens the pack and sees the card hand eights and aces stuck to it, along with a small message which reads "see you next week".  I don't know what to think about this plot so far.  Its still young, but with TNA it can go bad very quickly.  Unless there is some dynamite reason for attacking Sting this will just come off an another story to feature more of Hogan and Sting in the main event in some way.

X Division Qualifier - Kenny King VS Lars Only

Breakdancing makes its glorious return to pro wrestling
Ok Lars only hits the looking like a dickhead part of the gauge, while Kenny King looks pretty bland and generic.  But saying that, their match is pretty good.  Both guys have a really good fight showcasing each others moves pretty well and aside from one weird botch with a move Lars tries to do, the match goes off without a hitch.  Kenny wins after hitting a sort of DDT called coronation.  Post match he is interviewed and even congratulated backstage by Austin Aries, so I think he is going to win the X division title.

BFG Series Singles Match - James Storm VS Jeff Hardy

Even hardy looks shocked that he is still relevant
Although I dislike Jeff Hardy, credit where credits due these guys did a pretty good match.  It went for a decent length of time and both guys put each other over well.  Hardy picks up what would be considered a surprise victory after countering storm into the twist of fate. 

The finale of the night comes when Hogan calls out Aries to hand over his X division belt.  Instead we get Bobby Roode who bitches and whines about having to face Aries in the first place.  Roode has little respect for X division wrestlers and continues to write off Aries as non threatening.  Aries arrives to hand over the belt, and also to kick Rooo's ass.  Roo backs off once again when challenged and Aries goes to give Hulk the belt.  Rooo attempts a cheapshot with his title, but Aries dodges and hits him with the X division title instead.  We end with a high for the babyfaces.

Tonight was decent if not only for the X division indie wrestlers TNA brought in to liven up the show.  If it had been all BFG matches then it would have largely sucked.  The Madison Rayne thing is terrible and I feel sorry for her having to run this angle, while the Devon TV title thing needs to develop more and fast.  How many times is Devon just going to breeze through opponents like they aren't even there?  He has to lose it at some point to make the belt interesting again. 

Aries always loses his top somehow
As far as Destination X goes, I am looking forward to it.  The indie guys will likely put on a great show and the main event at least has two good wrestlers to watch.  It would be good for TNA if they had Aries win the belt since it would really help sell the whole X division title cash in thing they have started, if the very first person to do it won the belt. 

Thanks for reading and if you have been following my Transformers updates then expect more tomorrow.


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