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TNA Open Fight Night Review 22nd July

So here we are for another one of TNA's open fight nights or OFN as they like to call it.  I am still not sold on this concept since the only idea here that has any real interest is gut check and thats one of the smaller segments of the show.  I do have to hand it to TNA though when it comes to the BFG series, even though the points thing is stupid because its a scripted show, it does allow the writers to put some good matches together.

The show kicks off with a recap of the previous week as see Hogan and Sting get the crap kicked out of them by Aces and eights.  Apparently Hogan has been badly injured, suffering a fractured pelvis, but in reality he had to have another back surgery so couldn't meet his contractual agreements with TNA.  Tenay and Tazz tell us all of this in an empty arena prior to the show being aired, so again the so called live program has pre-taped segments before it even starts.  They also show us some unwelcome photos of Hogans stitched up ass, which nearly made we switch off the program.  Why show us something like that so early?  It would have been better as a stinger at the end of the show like MST3K.
Storm is shown to his seat for tonights meal

The first event of the evening is a match.  Well that was the intention as James Storm talks about winning the bound for glory series, threatens Bobby Rooo with a future beating and also taunts aces and eights for being cowards and attacking people from behind.  At least they are keeping the Storm VS Roo idea alive, even if it is just in passing.  Anyway Storm calls out Kurt Angle for the first match of the night, referring to Angle as the true test of skill in professional wrestling.  Angle doesn't get far though as after a couple of restarts of his theme, the camera crew find him being beaten by aces and eights.  Security really failed here but thats nothing new for TNA.

Tenay and Tazz discuss the attack adding nothing to the events, just asking the same dumbass questions from last week.

BFG Series Match - Samoa Joe VS The Pope

Joe demonstrates his new "Samoa Yoga"
Joe comes out being all badass as usual, he is so wasted in TNA.  Then again WWE would use him as a heel for Cena to crush so maybe he is screwed either way.  At least he would make more money with WWE.  Anyway he claims everyone is ducking him so he decided to call out his opponent tonight, Pope.  The crowd seem a little underwhelmed, or maybe just bored because they don't get that into the match.  The match is lacklustre but nothing terrible.  Joe wins via submission and becomes the new #1 on the BFG leaderboards.

One thing about OFN that really makes me laugh is the way all of the BFG competitors are stood backstage waiting for their match.  So you have AJ styles just stood three foot away from Christopher Daniels and he isn't attacking him for trying to ruin his life?  Nope apparently AJ is content to stand there and wait for his match.

Backstage Bobby Rooooooo confirms for the TNA backstage camera crew that he intends to fight Austin Aries tonight as the main event. 

BFG Series Match - Jeff Hardy VS Robbie E w/Robbie T

Still looking like a dickhead Jeff
Hardy comes out greeting his "creatures".  Does anyone else think he is ripping off Lady Gaga with her "monsters"?  Because he never referred to his fans as such before coming back to TNA.  Hardy is about to call out his choice of opponent from the back, but he gets cut off by Robbie E who claims everyone is ducking him in this competition and wants a match with Hardy.  Hardy accepts and we get a short botchy match.  Hardy kicks Robbies ass for most of it until Robbie T gets involved and Hardy loses his rag.  Because Hardy lost his cool he gets counted out and gives Robbie E his first win in the BFG series.  The crowd at least seem more fired up to see Hardy.

ODB and Eric Young reunite backstage, apparently he has been away filming a fishing program and getting surgery on his throat.  The kayfabe reason is that he was sent for beer and chicken and got carried away with filming the fishing show.  ODB sends him to go get the beer and chicken again. 

Gut Check segment next that sees our new hopeful Sam Shaw run a short promo before being ganked by aces and eights.  I guess judging will be easy next week.

Sam Shaw shows us his jobbing skills
Al Snow - Well you took the beating pretty well, but you still seem a little green so i'm sorry but its a no.

Bruce prichard - I really liked the way you took it from six guys at once, reminds me of myself when i was younger, so its a yes from me.

Tazz - I was in ECW before I became Marvel's 'the Blob', but I really didn't think you took the beating like a true ECW original so its a no.

BFG Series Match - Mr.Anderson VS AJ Styles

Anderson calls out AJ who of course he has unending respect for as a babyface, if he turns heel next week he will hate him with every fibre of his being, wrestling kayfabe for you I guess.  Anyway this match was the best of the show.  Both guys go for several minutes and even the fans seem to enjoy it.  Anderson wins after countering the styles clash into a pin.

Anderson was going to make AJ smell his armpits no matter the cost
Post match Claire now in full heel mode arrives and produces some pictures of AJ and her in bed apparently proving that he is the father of her baby.  Of course these are simply photoshopped and a simple DNA test would instantly clarify this, but being this is wrestling the story will follow its dumb course through to conclusion.  I predict that either AJ, Dixie or another babyface will find the original images and reveal Claire to be a fraud and Daniels once again as a liar.  This will not change anything, as Daniels will still be employed and AJ will finish this another match, like all things are settled in pro wrestling.

BFG Series Match - RVD VS Christopher Daniels

This match features guest commentary from Bellators play by play commentator who must be as bored and confused as I am.  He just plugs Bellator the entire time as part of TNA's agreement to basically play second fiddle to a real sport.  The match is the usual RVD highlight reel stuff punctuated with his trademark botching.  He eventually loses after telling Daniels to roll out of the way of rolling thunder.
Daniels at least plays a character I guess

We get another taped segment with Tazz and Tenay talking to Brooke Hogan about Hulks status.  Again they are in the arena prior to the show starting, why is this on a live show?  This kind of thing could have been done live between matches surely.

Backstage Aries discovers that the aces and eights have left him a calling card which he laughs off, and Garret tries to find out if Joseph Park is Abyss, which he obviously denies.  Of course we all know that he is Abyss with a split personality.

BFG Series Match - Magnus VS Bully Ray

This is what I was talking about earlier with the BFG series putting some good matches together.  Normally you would'nt see Bully ray and Magnus fight each other, but when points are on the line its anyones game.  This match is also pretty good, with a nice combination of styles being used.  Bully ray wins in the end because Magnus is pretty much jobber status.  After this win everyone on the leaderboards now has points.

Bully is discovers he will be on a pay per view contract soon
The finale isn't really much of a match.  Aries and Roo pretty much run the same fight they had at Destination X but with a directors cut ending instead, involving both guys being beatdown by aces and eights.  I like the fact that Tenay and Tazz think Rooo is the leader of the aces and eights despite never once mentioning he had friends coming.

So the episode had a heavy focus on this mysterious group of angry bikers called the aces and eights.  Its clear these guys are working for Eric Bischoff who will likely hold the company to ransom with further disruptions and beatings unless he is given control of TNA or the GM's job or something.  Maybe it isn't anything to do with him, but being this is now WCW mark II it seems likely to be him.

Not a terrible episode of OFN, but its not really anything great.  Apparently since going live TNA have pulled in worse ratings and are going to stop their live broadcasts by summers end and surprise surprise go to a new three hour slot like WWE.  Difference here being, WWE can shoulder the drop in ratings from people being burnt out around the two hour mark, TNA will suffer far worse with a smaller roster, poor storylines, bad business decisions and no plans to expand the company beyond hiring a few ex WWE people.

Oh and Chavo Guerrero will be on TNA next week to finally put his career down like the sick dog it is.


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