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TNA Destination X review 2012

I said in my previous impact review that I was looking forward to Destination X, purely because it featured the best thing about TNA, the X division.  Its refreshing to see wrestlers who aren't built like tanks, weigh near 300 pounds and stand near 7 foot tall.  WWE has a hard on for that kind of build and sadly TNA tries too hard to copy WWE by hiring big guys, but they do at least maintain a small contingent of smaller wrestlers.  The X division in TNA's history has had some of the best matches in the companys brief history and it still baffles as to why TNA doesn't put more focus into this part of their show since it has by far the better matches on offer.  It is also the only thing TNA has that sets it apart from WWE.

Unfortunately this year TNA decided to do less.  Last year they had the six sided ring, but not this year.  They also had a better card going into the show.  This year the card mainly featured the same guys fighting two or even three times in the same evening.  Last year they ran a much better tournament to decide the participants on Impact and left the final for the PPV, this year though they just ran the finals and title match on the same night.  None of the main impact storylines except for AJ and Daniels featured, and I don't count Aries and Roode since their match build was two weeks and they had very little to say other than "I will beat you".

Lastly I found the matches to be lacklustre.  Thats not to say they sucked but unlike last years Destination X, they just didn't live up to expectations.  Its a shame really since guys like Rubix, Kenny King and Sonjay Dutt are great wrestlers and I hope they do well if TNA give them more screen time, but this event did little to help them.

Fatal Four Way Qualifier Match - Rubix VS Dakota Darsow VS Mason Andrews VS Lars Only

This was our opener and should have been a great match to get some momentum going for the rest of the event. The Problem was that it was just 'OK'.  Rubix is the crowd favourite for the show and was when he appeared on Impact.  TNA of course misses this popularirty with the audience and gives the win to Mason Andrews, the least charasmatic guy in the match.  Lars Only still looks like a dickhead and if he were on a movie set his over the top acting would be considered scenery chewing of the finest quality.  Darsow is good in the match, at least he didn't get kicked in the face so hard he bled everywhere this time.  I just don't get why Rubix was passed over for the win here, he has a character, his work in the ring is solid and the fans like him.  A guy wearing a mask has more charisma than fucking Mason Andrews.  So as I said Andrews wins after hitting his finisher and he immediately faces Kid Kash.

Singles Tournament Qualifier Match - Mason Andrews VS Kid Kash

Nad stomp FTW
Yeah so having to immediately face Kid Kash is unfair from a kayfabe standpoint, but also highlights the poor quality of the booking here.  Andrews has to fight him right after running a match?  Why not after the next match so he gets a break before going out again?  It would still run for the same amount of time would it not?  The match itself runs like a Cena match.  Andrews get the shit kicked out of him by Kash, who I would like to point out is on the top of his game here tonight.  Kash does an awesome moonsault which he misses unfortunately.  Anyway Andrews powers up near the end no sells his beating and then counters Kash into a pin to pick up the victory.

Singles Tournament Qualifier Match - Douglas Williams VS Kenny King

Good to see Doug williams back
This was the first good match of the evening.  Kenny King is a pretty good performer and Doug williams works well with most styles of wrestling.  The early part of the match sees Doug and Kenny wrestle a more english/european style of match with plenty of holds and counters.  Kenny is massively over here and the match slowly goes in his favour.  King wins after hitting his finisher 'coronation' and moves onto the final.  I would definitely suggest watching this match if nothing else, simply because it was a showcase of different styles of professional wrestling melding really well.

Singles Tournament Qualifier Match - Sonjay Dutt VS Rashad Cameron

How does not kill his opponent?
This match was a little weaker than the previous bout, but was still entertaining. Rashad still looks like a crazy afro man, but he does run a decent match at least.  There isn't really much to say about this match really.  Both guys run a decent match, they don't botch anything and the end is satisfactory overall.  Dutt seems to be over more with the fans and I get the feeling he is over more with management also.  I know he has been in TNA once before a few years back, but has more recently been wrestling for Ring Ka King.  Dutt wins with his moonsault footstomp which I am still amazed he hasn't killed anyone with it yet.

This next bit once again makes me lose all of what little respect I had for the company.  We get a recap of Jesse Sorensons injury, we are shown his neck being broken several times, at varying speeds and at different angles.  This I do not want to see.  Then we see footage of him in the hospital with his mother.  They then show him up and walking, now with a neck brace.  Now I am glad that he has regained feeling below his neck and can walk and have a full life, thats great don't get me wrong.  But TNA using a real and severe life threatening injury for dramatic and storyline purposes is fucking sick.  If Owen Hart had died in their ring, you know they would have been showing footage of his death repeatedly and built a story around it, because they think it will make money.  Fuck you TNA.

Jesse then makes an appearance in the arena and thanks all the fans for their support and he tells them he hopes to return soon to continue his career at TNA.  This is fine, if TNA had been quiet and more respectful during his rehabilitation and simply gave us quick updates on his health I would never have had an issue.  Hell Jesses arrival at destination X would have been a cool surprise, but TNA has to fuck that up.  To top all of this off, and just to prove TNA only cares about Jesse due to his serious injury they have Zema Ion come out for his match against Flip Cassanova and have Zema act all cocky in front of Jesse.  Again Fuck you TNA, you sick bastards.  What depths will they go for a storyline?  What next honestly?  If Bully ray gets stabbed by a mentally deranged fan will they run a story about a fan in the audience trying to murder him?  I honestly would not be surprised.
Some wrestling pics are pure gold, WTF is happening here?

Singles Tournament Qualifier Match - Zema Ion VS Flip Cassanova

This was a short match really.  Zema at least has a character, even though it sucks, but its a character none the less.  Flip is as charismatic as Mason Andrews i.e. as charismatic as roadkill.  The match is ok, Zema wins, fuck this company I am still pissed off.

BFG Series Match - Samoa Joe VS Kurt Angle

NOT X division
So yeah this destination X event will only feature X division wrestlers EXCEPT FOR ANGLE AND JOE!  Jesus christ TNA make your mind up!  One minute they are going on about the amazing talent of the X division being showcased here, then they stick a random bound for glory series league match in for no discernible reason other than to fill out the card.  So if the BFG series is getting a match here, why didn't they run the knockouts title match or Park and Bully ray here?  Since those matches will instead be on free tv, why not run it on the PPV?  Hell they could have run Devon and his TV title defence here since they have already broken their own rules about what qualifies for the Destination X PPV.  Anyway the match itself is actually pretty good.  Joe and Angle work well together.  The crowd is split down the middle supporting both guys and I found myself wanting Joe to win here.  Bizarrely the crowd chant "USA USA USA" for Angle presumably, but this makes no sense since Joe was born in California and though billed from the isle of Samoa its likely to be the American Samoa, so why would the crowd chant this?  Idiot fans aside, Joe wins after he manages to lock Angle in his rear choke long enough for him to pass out.  Joe gets ten points and Angle looks pissed.

Last Man Standing Match - AJ Styles VS Christopher Daniels

This probably hurt alot
This match runs the predictable hardcore style route.  Both guys kill each other, both bleed alot after blading.  They go for increasingly over the top and dangerous moves to keep the other down for 10 seconds.  If you have seen AJ and Daniels before then this is no different.  Thats not a bad thing because these two are good wrestlers and the match is entertaining.  Kazarian interferes on Daniels behalf, and the commentary desk act surprised that the heel would have heel backup.  Daniels looks sure to win, but is scuppered when AJ ducks an attack by Daniels that knocks out Kazarian long enough for AJ to put Daniels through a table with the styles clash.  A nice finish really.  AJ manages to get to his feet on a 9 count and wins.  This story though will probably still go on with the whole Claire being pregnant thing.  This should be the end of the feud to be honest, its gone on long enough already.

Ultimate X Title Match - Mason Andrews VS Zema Ion VS Sonjay Dutt VS Kenny King

Breakdance moves? in wrestling? Awesome!
This match will crown a new X divsion champion and is set to be the highlight of the night.  How can it go wrong I mean we have 4 guys, all hungry to prove themselves, fighting in the ultimate X match, the most dangerous of the X division.  It all goes tits up of course when Sonjay Dutt early on dislocates his elbow and shoulder, strike 1.  The match becomes confused and slow because now all the spots that required four guys has been screwed, strike 2.  Finally Sonjay reappears after having his joints popped back, tries to wrestle and falls off the top of the structure and injures his shoulder and elbow again, strike 3.  Yes this match sucked.  You know what made it worse?  Kenny king not winning after all the build up, and Zema fucking Ion winning the belt.

Post match he dedicates his victory to Jesse sorenson and his haters and also cites Sorenson as his focus for the win.  What a twat, whoever told him to run with this injury angle is a cunt and deserves to be run over, or have his neck broken so he can feel the same as Sorenson did.  Lets see if he can see the storyline idea in that then, arsehole.  I don't hate Zema Ion, he is only doing what management tell him, so if they say make fun of breaking sorensons neck then he has to do it.  Its creative, booking and management that are to blame for this and frankly its sick.

TNA Heavyweight Title Match - Austin Aries VS Bobby Rooooooo
Aries is showered with paper for winning

Heres a rarity in wrestling today, a good main event.  Usually by the main event we are all tired, bored or have no care in us for the main event storyline.  Cena ruined this for WWE fans and the random booking and shit writing of TNA ruined it TNA fans.  This though was a good match.  Aries is a great performer and really does prove that smaller guys can wrestle a match ten times better than two grocks going at it ever could.  Rooo is decent, but I have never said he was a bad wrestler, just a shit actor.  The match even has a surprise finish, as Rooo cheats several times near the end to secure his title win, only to be beaten by Aries and lose it all.  I have to hand it to TNA at least they made the right decision here.  Rooo had the belt for far too long and needed to drop the strap so fresh storylines could be developed, and I am glad they went with Aries since he deserved the win.

Overall this was a lacklustre PPV.  I didn't understand the decision not to have the six sided ring, or why a non X division match was shown, when all the other non x division matches had been moved to Impact.  Dutts injury caused the ultimate X match to flounder and I would have personally put the belt on Kenny king.  The event suffered from having the same guys wrestle several times in one night, showing the lack of depth in TNA's roster.  There where gems in the event though.  Kenny king and doug williams was good, as was Joe and Angle.  The main event was surprisingly fun and the end was unexpected, its just a pity that the X division matches didn't live upto the hype.

My biggest gripe though was the way they used Jesse Sorensons injury once again as a means to promote a storyline.  TNA seriously need to reconsider this as its wrong on so many levels and highlights the shocking lack of empathy on the part of management.


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