Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Review: WWE Money In the Bank 2012

My last WWE pay per view review here since I will be focusing on TNA exclusively after the 1000th Raw.  I was really hoping this show would be a highlight of the year show, but it was a mixed bag at best.

Smackdown Money In the Bank Match - Dolph Ziggler VS Santino Marella VS Cody Rhodes VS     Damien Sandow VS Tyson Kidd VS Sin Cara VS Tensai VS Christian

Ziggler bounced pretty good off the chairs, the spot worked well
Again smackdown gets crapped on as being the number two show almost literally here, and the amusing thing is that out of the two money in the bank matches, this was the better by a long shot.  It did however highlight the lack of depth in the smackdown roster when guys who were normally on Raw turn up, such as Ziggler and Tensai.  Santino being in this match was an odd decision considering he is purely comic relief.  Still the roster issue aside this was an entertaining opener for the show.  Cara almost killed Ziggler early on with some weird looking corner move that almost saw Ziggler land on his head badly.  Tensai fucked up a powerbomb spot when Santino got his leg stuck in the ladder, but I guess it was just bad luck.  The rest of the match and its many spots where good though.  Tensai flinging Ziggler into the announce chairs was awesome, Vickie climbing the ladder to stop Cody was a nice touch and Ziggler winning made this a great match.

The Miz makes his return to WWE after a two month absence filming a movie.  The film is Marine:homefront, so don't expect anything great, in fact I imagine it to be like behind enemy lines 3 with Mr.Kennedy.  Anyway Miz informs everyone that he will be entering himself into the Raw money in the bank match since he is a former WWE champion, promising to win and become the champion once again.  The crowd really get behind his return.

WWE World Heavyweight Title Match - Alberto Del Rio VS Sheamus

This was bullshit though
This was an alright match, nothing special.  It follows the usual babyface title match routine of face getting pummeled most of the match, he gets a second wind and then wins the match.  Alberto deserved a win here since Sheamus is a pretty boring champion, but no he gets screwed once again.  Rumour is that management is looking at Sheamus to replace Cena when his time is over and if thats true I can see a pretty bland future for WWE.  Post match Del Rio and Ricardo attack Sheamus, giving Ziggler a chance to cash his briefcase.  Sadly through a mix of Alberto's complaining and the ref asking about five times if he wants to cash it in, Sheamus gets up and knocks out Ziggler.

Tag Team Match - The Primetime Players VS Epico & Primo

Kofi and R-Truth join the already pretty full commentary desk, and throughout the match add very little to the conversation.  Truth seems bored and just makes little jimmy references and jokes, while Kofi just becomes white noise in the background since he has no personality whatsoever on the mic.  Good wrestler, no charisma thats Kofi Kingston.  The match itself is the continuation of the feud involving AW or Abraham Washington, after he betrayed Epico & Primo to help the players instead.  The fans don't give a fuck about this match at all, which is a shame since the match is good.  The biggest pops come from Rosa Mendes shaking her ass.  The end result sees Epico & Primo win, giving them a small victory, but they are still out of the #1 contendership for the titles.

No Disqualification WWE Championship Match - Daniel Bryan VS CM Punk

AJ post match seems upset Punk won
Bryan is now sporting some new gear, which is this snot green with blood running down it.  I am not sure what aspect of the character this is meant to represent.  Basically this match features over twenty minutes of brutal beatings with chairs and kendo sticks.  AJ gets bumped early on putting her out of the match for a while, but she eventually returns.  She seems to be favouring Bryan over Punk now, smiling whenever Punk is being beaten and looking worried when Bryan was being beaten.  If I had to pick a best match for the show, its this.  Punk and Bryan can run a really good match that doesn't become boring after five minutes.  They both sell, put each over well and bring a certain emotional aspect to the fights that is usually lost in most fights.  Punk eventually wins out over Bryan, although I would have given Bryan the win here since his credibility as a threat must be zero now after so many losses to Punk.  AJ looks upset that Punk won and he just ignores the entire time during his celebration.

Handicap Match - Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins VS Ryback

Feed him more folks....feed him more
This is the next match in a string of handicap matches and singles matches seeing Ryback destroy these mid-card jobbers.  They do better this time around, getting more offence in, but ultimately Ryback kills them.  Still Ryback seems to be gaining a following as fans brought signs for him and his catch phrases are being shouted by the fans, so WWE must be doing something right with the character.

6 Woman Diva Tag Match - Layla/Kaitlyn/Tamina VS Natalya/Beth Phoenix/Eve Torres

This was a quick time filler so the full three hour slot could be filled.  The women do an ok match, its like watching a match on Raw to be honest.  The babyfaces win, the crowd go marginally wild.

Raw Money in the Bank - Kane VS Chris Jericho VS The Miz VS Big Show VS John Cena

Big Show Angry! Big show get revenge on roster!
This match was the lowlight of the show.  Honestly I think it was the weakest showing of the night.  A five man money in the bank match?  Smackdowns was better because it had the full eight men.  I know the stipulation was only former WWE champs, but seriously this was a bad idea.  With so few people in you had to know Cena was going to win.  Kane has been ineffectual since his defeat to Cena early this year, Big Show has already been beaten by Cena at No way out so he isn't a threat anymore, Chris Jericho hasn't won a match that counted since he returned and Miz has only just come back and is a heel, so he will not be using returning babyface powers.  There are some ok spots, such as Big show being buried under ladders, but the match becomes the "guess when Cena wins" affair when you are just watching for the bullshit moment where he wins, its depressing.  And sure enough he wins, like he said he would, because the writing team aren't allowed to write anything else.

So yeah this pay per view was a mixed bag.  The title MITB matches had a mixed result, with smackdown's being fun, and Raw's being pretty wank.  The WWE title match was good, while the smackdown one was routine and the filler matches such as the tag and diva tag matches were ok, but the crowd hated them.  The only one that got the crowd interested was Ryback in a handicap match.  So overall it was an ok show, but where was Wade Barret?  Wasn't he supposed to be returning?


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