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Raw Review 16th July 2012

Here we are Raw 999 the penultimate raw for my reviews and the last 2 hour show WWE will run on a weekly basis, at least for Raw anyway.
Just why would you pick this image?

The show kicks off with this hilarious image of Cena winning the money in the bank briefcase.  I don't know why they picked this as the image they would go with since he looks fucking retarded.

Punk kicks off the program to talk about his title win and how he aims to be the best WWE champion the company has ever seen.  Big Show interrupts him to bitch about how close he was to winning the briefcase and if he had Punk would no longer be the champion.  Punk points out that he lost so it doesn't really matter what he says.  Show remarks that now Cena has the briefcase Punk needs to be careful after every match because Cena can cash it in at any moment.  He also rightly points out that the company revolves entirely around Cena and that if Punk left the company tomorrow, the fans would forget about him in a week.  Both are true because the majority of fans are pretty fickle.  Show also tells Punk to get ready for their match tonight.

WWE Tag Team Title Match - Kofi Kingstong & R-Truth VS The Primetime Players

A small nuke goes off to the left of the screen
Why wasn't this match on the pay per view last night?  Whatever, the match is pretty standard tag team fair.  The heels have the early advantage then the faces get a lucky break and take the win.  This victory completely destroys the push the primetime players had, so I guess Epico & Primo will now fill the gap and go for the belts?  They need to take AW off the microphone because his shouting during the match is distracting.

Backstage Daniel Bryan tries to apologise for his actions of the last few months toward AJ.  She isn't sure about forgiving him, but before they can continue their conversation Eve interrupts.  She is pissed she was abandoned by Bryan last week and complained to the board for a rematch, with a partner of her own choosing, leaving AJ and Bryan to face her tonight.  She calls AJ a bitch without actually saying it because of the PG nature of the show.

Singles Match - Zack Ryder VS Alberto Del Rio

The most improbable move in wrestling returns
Alberto being pissed over his loss to Sheamus immediately squashes Ryder.  Ryder does get some hits in, but this purely so Alberto can wreck someone for his loss.  Post match he continues the beatdown on Ryder until Rey mysterio makes his return after a pretty long absence.  Alberto attempts to fight him, but with Mysterios return babyface powers he is no match for the masked midget wrestler, who hits him with the 619.

Singles Match - Heath Slater VS Rikishi

Pity the original 2cool couldn't be there
Yeah I wouldn't have picked Rikishi as a returning raw superstar considering his attitude toward WWE over the recent years.  This wasn't really a match, more a showcase of Rikishi signature moves.  He beats Slater pretty quickly.  Post match Rikishi does the 2 cool dance with his sons, although it would have been way cooler if he had done it with scotty2hotty and grandmaster sexay.

Mixed Tag Match - Eve & The Miz VS AJ & Daniel Bryan

A short but relatively entertaining match.  Again like the other recent mixed tag matches, the guys only wrestle for a minute at the beginning of the match, leaving the rest to Eve and AJ.  Miz tries to distract the ref to allow Eve to pickup a win, but Bryan also cheats giving AJ the three count.

Don't be fooled, he is still a heel
Match Bryan makes good on his proposal to AJ the previous week, by professing his love and actually bringing a ring this time.  She accepts and the wedding is set for next week.  Of course this all looks like Bryan has made a huge face turn, but I think when it comes to the wedding next week, when the question of "do you take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife", Bryan will look into her eyes, smile for a few seconds and then say NO! NO! NO! NO!.  He will be pissed that she didn't help him win at Money in the bank and this is his revenge.

Singles Match - Jack Swagger VS Ryback

Although Swagger is himself roaring and throwing some pretty nasty moves on Ryback, he still gets beaten by the regenerated Goldberg.  Ryback powerbombs swagger multiple times until he rolls out of the ring.  The match doesn't even start so its more of a beatdown to be fair.

Please turn into a new feud that would be awesome
Ziggler arrives to brag about his money in the bank victory, but gets interrupted by Jericho.  Before Jericho can speak though, Ziggler has a massive rant at him for not winning anything of worth since his return, taunting him about the last time he won an important match.  Jericho remains quiet until he decides to drop Ziggler with a codebreaker.  Ziggler does seem to have gotten to Jericho though, possibly hinting at some kind of face turn?

Singles Match - Brodus Clay VS JTG

I never really watched NXT so seeing JTG on raw again was unexpected.  I guess since NXT has been canned we can expect to see him more on raw to job to guys like Ryback, Tensai and Brodus.  JTG probably has the best run at Brodus so far, if you take away Big show owning him, but this means little when Brodus hits him like three times and wins.  How long are they going to have Brodus just squash people?  Why not let him wrestle a match for fuck sake.

Singles Match - Big Show VS CM Punk

Yeah so we hit the main event and its a good match.  Show and Punk work well together, but thats nothing new since they feuding a while back on Smackdown when Punk was a heel in the straight edge society.  Still Punk puts over Big Show really well and really highlights what a poor job guys like Cena and Orton do when they simply no sell everything when they get on offence.  Punk actually looks like he has beaten up by a seven foot giant when he attacks, unlike the other two who jump up fresh and smiling.  Anyway the match ends in a disqualification when Show pushes the ref out of the way so he can focus on mauling Punk.
If only TNA knew what they were losing when they dropped Punk

Post match Cena runs down with the briefcase to save Punk.  Show tells Cena to cash it in and take the title, but Cena being the saturday morning cartoon hero says no and tells Punk he will cash his briefcase in next week and face Punk in a proper match.  Show is angry about this for some reason and Cena hits him with the briefcase to end the show.

This episode at least had wrestling on it, although it was on the short side.  Punk and Show were the best match and the Jericho/Ziggler confrontation could turn into another great feud.  next week will be the beginning of the three hour Raws, and personally i think the show will struggle.  WWE will likely drop the three hour concept after a few months due to poor ratings in the second hour slot and move back to two hour shows instead.


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