Thursday, 26 July 2012

Critical Rockets most anticipated 2012 part 2

Beginning around the end of august onwards I am going to have alot of gaming on my hands in a relatively short space of time.  This is a good thing since games keep me happy and gives me things to review for this blog.  July was a looking to be a pretty crappy month originally, but things like the steam summer sale allowed me to get Saints Row the third, Max Payne 3 and Alan Wake so July was better than I expected.

August though is going to be a pretty damn good month, more specifically August 24th which will see the release of both Transformers Fall of Cybertron and the highly anticipated free MMO Guild wars 2.

Fall of cybertron is going to be great for fanboys like myself who wanted something more akin to a generation 1 movie, unlike the Michael Bay films which shat all over the characters and their backstory in favour of Devastator having testicles and a strong focus on human characters in a film about giant sentient robots.  Fall of cybertron will act as a playable prequel story to the original cartoon episode Arrival from cybertron.  The autobots have built their Ark to find new resources to rebuild and survive while Cybertron shuts down to repair itself.  The decepticons now control most of the planet and are making a major push to defeat the remaining autobot forces and destroy the Ark.

The game will see you play as both autobot and decepticons in a linear story, switching between them with each level.  Every character in the story will have specific abilities tailored for that level, so Cliffjumper for instance uses a stealth system to avoid foes.  His enemies will scan for threats and you will need to hide and make stealth kills to avoid detection.  Jazz has a more vertical level involving the use of his grapple hook. 

Multiplayer returns with a new create your own bot system rather than simply recolouring existing character models.  You are still limited to the parts of existing characters, so if you wanted to make Optimus Prime for multiplayer you can, or an autobot version of starscream knock yourself out.  Escalation also returns now with host switching and new features on the levels such as traps and one shot power ups.

When the game launches I plan to review each part of the game from the singleplayer, multiplayer and esclation modes.  Biased I know but I am really, REALLY looking forward to this game.

Guild wars 2 is something I have been excited for and lost interest in and then regained my excitement as the game reaches launch.  I played all of the Guild wars titles so I was interested to see what a sequel could add.  For starters the instanced locations are gone in favour of the more traditional open enviroments of MMO's with every players being in the same location.  This is because of the new events mechanics which can see the map change as armies of AI mobs attack villages or forts, requiring players to work together to drive them off.  If they fail a new event will start seeing the enemy forces attack another location and so on.

Guild wars 2 adds several new playable races, a few new classes and a shit tonne of new combat mechanics which are too numerous to mention here in passing.  I will say though that for a free to play MMO game this is the title I would recommend players interested in playing an MMO game to try.  The review for this may have to be alot bigger and I have no idea how to approach a title with so many aspects to it, but I will try my best.

September will see the release of one of the best multiplayer co-op shooters ever made, Borderlands 2.  This looks to be awesome on so many levels its worth the hype.  New characters with different abilities, millions of new guns, new enviroments of Pandora to explore, plenty of new lifeforms to exterminate with your millions of guns and of course the return of Claptrap.  Gearbox have already promised a new character class to play as post game as DLC, the Mechromancer.  Again this is a huge game that needs more space here for itself, but if you liked the original you are going to love this.  Newbies will enjoy it for the humour, the characters and the sheer numbers of guns available.  I intend to try and post some previews of the enemies, characters, factions and hopefully what the different gun abilties are in the near future.

Going into October we will see probably the most expensive month for me with the release of XCOM enemy unknown.  I detailed this months back in my original most anticipated games of 2012, but more information has since come out such as a concrete release date, preorder offers and gameplay information.  I didn't play the original game, but I have researched it and can't wait to see this modern remake in action.

Assassin's Creed 3 and its companion title Liberation will be the biggest launch of October by far.  Set during the American revolution, the game will see you slaughtering your way through waves of redcoats in a bid to stop the machinations of the templars in the ongoing war between these two cults.  There has been some minor controversy on the depiction of redcoat forces being the only templars, but I imagine most of this will die down once players in the UK get hold of the title and start playing.  Multiplayer is rumoured to have a story mode and a co-op mission set along with the more traditional set of modes from previous titles.

Liberation on the Vita will see you play as a female assassin for the first time in the series in the southern states, fighting against templar forces from france.  The story will crossover with AC3 and even have cross game item exchange to unlock new weapons in both games.  I am really looking forward to seeing what the vita can do with a major title like this as I feel it may be one of the biggest tests of Sony's hardware to date.

Going beyond October into November and December I will likely be trying to save money to cover any extra christmas expenses.  There may be titles I see and review in those months, one of them possible being the new WWE 13 game, even though secretly I know it will probably suck like they all do.

Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow for another Transformers CCG update and my review of the historic 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw.


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