Friday, 1 June 2012

Z.O.E. HD Collection + Sequel

I was a big fan of Zone of the enders back in the PS2 days, I even play the theme tune "beyond the bounds" from Z.O.E. 2 plenty of times during my blogging time.  Recently Konami and Kojima productions announced the return of the original PS2 games as a HD collection similar to the Metal Gear HD pack a few months back.

The original PS2 version of the graphics
For those not in the know, the games are about flying a super agile mecha suit around levels engaging in anime style fight sequences against grunt mecha suits, punctuated by awesome boss battles.  The mecha you pilot is called Jehuty and has several unlockable weapons for many different combat scenarios.  Fighting bosses turns into an anime style fight as you and your opponent clash in melee, parrying each others blows.  Its hard to describe, but rest assured its a very unique mecha game and has a decent plot, but the main reason to play is to look badass blowing up and slicing enemy machines in two.

The HD collection graphics
It doesn't add any new story content or frames (which are the mch suits the characters pilot) but it does have extremely clean graphics and new animation added.  The conversation animatics have been brought upto modern standards to better fit todays screen resolutions.  This package will be more for the fans of the PS2 releases back in the day, but its cool either way to be able to play these games again.  And for the first time ever the series will be debuting on the Xbox 360 so more players can experience the epic robot combat in the series.

Here is the new animated intro created for the HD collection, its well worth watching to get an idea of what the mecha suits look like and what kind of combat will be in the game.

Last week it was also revealed that Kojima was working on a new Z.O.E. game for the PS3 and presumably the Xbox, so this HD collection has likely been put out there to get fans back into the fold and get some new interest from gamers who never played the games when they where originally released.  The third game is in the prototype stage at the moment and is being tested on Kojima's new "Fox" engine, so it will be a while before we start seeing any new screenshots or gameplay, still some concept art is available, I have posted one image below

Here is a link to the HD collections offical site showing character art, a rundown of the new features and minor additions to the collection and both of the trailers currently released for the project.


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