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WWE Raw Review 25th June 2012

This week marks the run up to Money in the bank PPV and the final four week countdown to the 1000th episode of Raw.  I would like to point out that I will probably stop reviewing Raw after the 1000th episode purely because reviewing WWE and Raw specifically is over-saturated.  Alot of people better than myself review Raw on a regular basis and its less fun picking at Raw when you have the slow motion train wreck that is TNA every week.  I will still review the WWE pay per views though.

The night begins with AJ backstage talking to her mirror as if Punk, Bryan and Kane are there.  She pretends to break up with them all, furthering the "she is one crazy bitch" angle.

Vickie is tonights GM, but thats no surprise since she went on twitter the week prior and blabbed about it.  She gets the usual reaction from the crowd as she announces her intention to become the new permament GM of Raw and Smackdown.  She also announces the first match of the night as a triple threat elimination match.

Triple Threat Elimination Match - Daniel Bryan VS Kane VS CM Punk

Yes its these three again for what three weeks in a row now?  counting No way out anyway.  Still its another pretty good match which sees Bryan and Punk putting Kane over really well.  AJ once again distracts Kane resulting in him taking a GTS and being eliminated.  Shortly after Byran seizes the opportunity and knocks out Punk long enough to pin him and pick up a much deserved win.

Backstage Del Rio tries to butter up Vickie with some flowers to get himself a #1 contender spot on smackdown this week.  Ziggler also wants a shot again since he almost beat Sheamus at No way out.  The two argue until Vickie sets up a contract on a pole match to determine the new #1 contender.  Ziggler smashes the vase of flowers before leaving.

Singles Grudge Match - Brodus Clay VS Big Show

Somebody call his momma
After weeks of being denied his chance of a rematch with Big Show, Brodus finally gets his shot.  Show on the other hand is on a roll as a monster heel and basically destroys Brodus once again.  The main reason for this is a knee injury he picked up from fighting Otunga.  This injury is what Show focuses on and quickly wins the match because of it.  This also marks Brodus' first loss on Raw.

Backstage AJ talks to Kane about their relationship.  Kane explains how fucked up he is and how he's a monster and enjoys inflicting pain, but says that she is just plain crazy and wants nothing to do with her.  She pretends to be upset as he leaves, but then begins to laugh like a nutter.

United States Title Match - Jack Swagger VS Santino Marella

How this much should have gone down
Swagger must have bumped into McMahon backstage while he was holding a coffee or something because losing to Santino is a punishment as far as I can see.  Santino gets beaten a little but ultimately hits his five moves of doom and wins with the cobra.  Why Santino has been champion longer than Ryder who is far more popular is beyond me.

Luigi comes down to the ring to make his ground breaking announcement.  He makes loads of star wars references for some reason, originally I thought his announcement was some kind of Star wars clone wars tie in or something, but he was just doing it for no reason.  He announces he will be in the Money in the bank this year, purely to stop Big Show from winning.  Jericho makes his return after his flag kicking suspension.  He takes the piss out of Cena for making PG related jokes and warns him that the money in the bank is not a walk in the park.  Vickie appears once again and informs them that only past WWE champions can take part in the match and that they will face each other tonight.

After a break Lillian Garcia begins to announce the arrival of tonights guest superstar but is interrupted by Heath slater.  Slater begins to run his one man baaaaand promo and quotes he is the king of the world.  At this point Sycho Sid arrives and squashes him flat.  I don't see the need to label this as a match since it doesn't last long enough.  Its surreal seeing Sid on WWE again.

Contract On A Pole Match - Alberto Del Rio VS Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler wants out of the match in case Del Rio loses his smile
This was a good match, although you have wonder when Del Rio will lose his smile again and decide to quit WWE again.  Sheamus interrupts near the halfway mark to inform both men that he will happily face them on smackdown for the world heavyweight title in a triple threat match.  So I guess this match was pointless overall.  Still its always good to see Ziggler wrestle since he can put over pretty much anyone he is up against.

Backstage Punk is jumped by AJ who tells him that she will win the diva battle royale and dedicate the win to him.  Punk wants a serious talk with her about their relationship, which she seems happy with before skipping off.

Diva Summer Battle Royale Match - A bunch of Diva's

Get ready fella's heres the star attraction of tonights show
Vickie adds herself to the match which was kinda funny, and probably the most entertaining aspect of the whole thing.  Most of the diva's get eliminated so quickly its hard to tell who did what, when and how.  Two of the women in the ring I have never seen before and it must have taken them more time to dress the ring in all the cheap beach props then it did to run the match.  AJ ends up winning after it goes down to her and Vickie as the final two.  Vickie pretty much eliminates herself to avoid being hurt and AJ does a post match "YES!" chant celebration.

Singles Match - Chris Jericho VS John Cena

When was the last time Jericho made anyone tap with the walls?
Its funny how Cole and King once again rewrite history here by claiming that Cena and Jericho have never gone one on one before, even though it was Cena who beat Jericho in a you're fired match years before.  The match itself is pretty bland, and not because Jericho is a bad wrestler, but because Cena cannot put over an opponent to save his life.  Big Show interferes, gets Jericho disqualified and beats the shit out of Cena.

This episode was ok, it had its moments but blew its wad early with the triple threat match.  Still it was ok and developed some of the plot running into MITB.


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