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Raw Review 4th June 2012

This weeks episode kicks off with Michael Cole of all people.  He calls out John Cena to blame him for Big Show's change of heart and Show kicking the crap out of Brodus and tag champions on Raw.  I think we can all enjoy Santino being brutalised so I don't think Cole blames Cena for that one.  Cena comes out and tries to defend himself by saying that Show was an idiot for accepting Laurinaitis' offer and if he had let him beat Laurinaitis then he would have gotten his job back when the new GM was chosen.  Cole rightly points out that Cena couldn't have known that for certain and that Big Show had family to think about, rather than wait for a new GM to give him a new contract.  I can't believe I am on Coles side for once.  Cole tells Cena that he has basically lost faith in him as a wrestler and a person, and that he thinks Cena doesn't care anymore because if he did, he would have helped Big Show when he needed it most.  He finishes by saying that he hopes Big Show beats him at No way out.  Laurinaitis then wheels himself out and gives Cena the power to pick who his opponent is tonight in the main event.  Cena picks Cole which the crowd go mental for.  Cole protests obviously but doesn't get anywhere.
His "people power" signs stuck to his shopmobilty scooter rule

Backstage Cole catches up with Laurinaitis and hopes to get him to change his mind, but Laurinaitis leaves it to people power.  The crowd cheer at the mention of Cole VS Cena and so Johnny leaves.

Back ringside Vickie Guerrero comes out to announce that Dolph Ziggler will beat Sheamus tonight after his loss at smackdown last week.  Honestly against Sheamus, Ziggler doesn't stand a chance here since Sheamus has been on a major push for weeks now.

Singles Match - Dolph Ziggler VS Sheamus
WWE's new physio techniques look really painful

This was a good match, with Sheamus going over as a massive powerhouse.  Ziggler did get some offence and looked good during the match, but he was doomed to lose from the start.  Post match as Sheamus continues to celebrate, he is attacked by Del Rio and Ricardo, who stun him long enough for Del Rio to put him into the cross arm breaker, using the stage for extra leverage.

Backstage again with Laurinaitis as he is told by Otunga that Mr.McMahon will be on Raw next week to personally perform Johnny's job performance evaluation.  I expect Laurinaitis to get a passing grade here and maybe even some encouragement from McMahon.

Singles Match - Sin Cara VS Hunico W/Camacho

Sin Cara! Sin Cara! Wrestles under a stupid light!
The return of Sin Cara now in red and white.  Looks like they ditched the trampoline entrance and just plumped for the slide into the ring option instead.  Guess that way he has less chance of injuring himself.  He still has this weird blue and gold light on the ring while he wrestles.  The match is ok, but still not quite the same pace and style of a WWE match.  I think Sin Cara may eventually get the style down, but at the moment he is kind of boring to watch.  Sin Cara wins since he has returning babyface powers.

2 on 1 Handicap Match - Ryback VS Squash fodder
In case you wondered what the names of the jobbers were.

These two can't weigh more than 100 pounds between them, but whatever they seem confident.  Ryback or Goldberg MkII comes out and stomps them completely flat.  I'm not sure what angle they are going here with Ryback, he's a big guy, looks impressive on screen and can deliver some big moves, but I am waiting to see him actually do something other than squash jobbers from the local wreslting association.

Singles Match - CM Punk VS Kane

"Cheque Please"
Prior to the match starting Daniel Byran comes out to ask the crowd a few simple questions all of which should be answered YES!  Bryan sits ringside to watch the match.  Punk seemed lethargic throughout this match, maybe it was because he has to slow things down for Kane or he might be carrying a minor injury I don't know, it just seemed slow compared to his matches with Bryan.  Bryan tries to interfere and cost Punk the match, but he manages to fight back.  AJ runs down to tell the ref about Bryans cheating, but this again costs Punk the match. 

Post match Kane looks like he is going to attack AJ, but she smiles at him which seems to confuse or placate the red monster and he leaves.  Backstage AJ is asked about the smile, and she acts really crazy, asking Josh if he likes aggressive women, then remarking that she does.  She tells Josh he might be her type and leaves.  So is AJ suggesting she fancies aggressive women?  I think she is working with Kane, its a long shot I know, but it would be better than her just secretly working with Daniel Bryan still, since thats too obvious.

Tag Match - Kofi Kingston & R-Truth VS Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks

Matt Hardy!? Oh wait no thats Tyler Reks
Despite the tag champs being beat up from last week, they still steamroll over Reks and Hawkins.  Also does anyone else actually care about Kofi and Truth as tag champions?  They aren't bad wrestlers or anything, its just their matches are so generic and bland its hard to care.

Singles Match - John Cena VS Tensai/Michael Cole

Cole obviously tries once again to avoid the match and it seems like his wish will be granted when Laurinaitis comes out to infrom Cena that he must first defeat Tensai before facing Cole.  If Cena wins the match against Cole will be a no DQ match.  The match against Tensai is the same thing we have seen a hundred times from Cena, he gets his ass kicked all match, before powering up, hitting the five moves of doom and then pinning Tensai.  He totally no sells the beating he took and promptly tortures Michael Cole for a further ten minutes.  I was really hoping Big Show would come down and knock out Cena so he could lose to Cole, but unfortunately Cena just flattens the commentator. 
Cena sprays his fire extinguisher all over Cole's face

This Raw was in hidsight pretty bland.  Punk didn't do much this week even though his match was ok.  Dolph Ziggler got beaten again on raw which should be a crime, the main event was boring and ending Tensai's winning streak in a throwaway match was pointless, they could have at least given Tensai a storyline before ending the streak.  Next week will hopefully be better since it will be final show before No way out.


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