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Raw Review 19th June 2012

We only see Foley once the entire night, I call bullshit
In the aftermath of Laurinaitis' firing and defeat of Big Show tonights Raw opens with a surprise GM of Mick Foley.  Being tonights raw is in New York he gets a huge pop from the crowd.  Mick tells us that he will be guest GM for tonight and this weeks smackdown until a new more permament GM is chosen, until then previous GM's will be hosting Raw and Smackdown.  This is cool since it means Regal will be GM for a week.  Foley's first act of the night is to set a tag match between Punk & Sheamus versus Bryan & Kane.  He also introduces Laurinaitis to us so he can make his farewell speech.  The crowd obviously boo the shit out of Johnny which winds him up enough to start shouting at the crowd about how they are the true losers in all of this.  He decides to keep his speech for his final match which he set before No Way Out, a 3 on 1 handicap match with himself, Otunga and Show versus Cena.  Foley also has some fun by pretending that Johnny was saying Long Island sucks, further pissing off the crowd.

Tag Team Match - Sheamus & CM Punk VS Kane & Daniel Bryan

Not the most surreal thing I have seen in WWE, but still.
I wasn't expecting this match right after Foley announced it, but whatever.  This match was pretty good.  Sheamus and Kane compliment each others styles and Punk and Bryan work well with almost anyone.  The end comes with another surreal showing from AJ, who comes skipping down the ramp and around the ring wearing a Kane mask.  Kane is transfixed with 'pretty lady' powers that he starts to follow her, again abandoning Bryan.  Bryan subsequently suffers a GTS/Shoe Kick combo and gets pinned by Sheamus.

Backstage Swagger and Ziggler argue over who is the better of the two, and blame one another for their string of tag losses.  Vickie has had enough of the arguing and decides to set a match between them, the winner being the one who gets Vickies "attentions".  Both agree to the match and head off, leaving Vickie pleased that they are essentially fighting over her.

Another backstage segment sees Otunga and Laurinaitis discussing their match.  Big Show appears and seems less than happy with the match and leaves.

Singles Match - Dolph Ziggler VS Jack Swagger

Would Vickie fans consider her Gilf? Or Milf? I know you're out there
This was a short but good match.  Ziggler sells his knee injury from his match with Sheamus, which is a shocking level continuity rarely seen in WWE (heres looking at you Cena) which hampers Dolph throughout the match.  Swagger capitalises on this and looks to win, even locking in his ankle lock to pick up the W.  Ziggler fights through it though and manages to counter Swagger and hit the zig zag to get a three count.  Post match Vickie kisses Ziggler and the two leave.

Thats the Heyman we like to see, happy and smug.
Paul Heyman arrives looking as smug as ever.  He addresses Triple H's offer of a wrestling match to settle the lawsuits.  Heyman wastes no time in saying 'No'.  Predictably this causes the motherfucking time vampire himself to appear.  Hunter runs the 'brock is a coward' angle and even tries to butter up Lesnar with a summerslam poster just showing Lesnar on it to try and get him to accept the match.  Heyman rightly calls bullshit on the poster and demands more than that to get Brock to accept a match, instead trying to get Hunter to attack him.  The breaking point comes when Heyman jokes about Steph being able to get a job at WWE when he and Lesnar own it, resulting in Heyman being laid out.  Hunter leaves and we are still in the dark about what the fuck is happening with Lesnar.

Singles Match - Alberto Del Rio VS Shitheel Marella

Drop Santino......from the company.  Come on Vince do it.
A nice quick Santino squash match, Del Rio sticks up for his hired help.  This marks the third time Santino has been squashed by Alberto, and I am surprised they haven't worked a feud into it yet.  Ricardo also hits Santino with a front armbar DDT post match, this was the feel good part of the show.

Slater jobs to a singer, how much lower can you sink?
Layla introduces Cyndi Lauper and Wendy Richter.  This is where the show grinds to a halt.  The problem with bringing back past stars and celebrities from WWF's heyday is that most of the fans in attendance don't know who the fuck they are.  I blame the so called fans for not looking into the history of the show they love, but whatever each to their own.  Anyway Cyndi seems pretty happy to be on the show, and is full of energy, and for her age she looks alot better than I expected after seeing the archive footage of her original appearances.  Wendy just seems to be happy that she is on screen, Layla never speaks to her and I don't see why she is there to be honest.  Heath Slater comes out to act the heel and sings his new single, which reminds me of Jillian hall in how terrible it is.  Roddy Piper then arrives and things get even weirder.  He presents a gold CD as means of apology to Cyndi for attacking lou Albano years prior, and then pokes Slater in the eyes.  Cyndi then smashes the framed CD over slaters head and ends the segment.  Slater looks cut from all the glass.

Tag Match - Epico & Prime VS The Primetime Players

Could become better with time, lets wait and see.
This match looked to be getting pretty good, until AW prevents his team from going back into the ring and being counted out.  I understand that AW wants to keep his team fresh for their tag championship match, but I would have liked a longer match before he did that.  On the brightside we are actually seeing a tag storyline developing.

3 on 1 Handicap Match - John Laurinaitis & David Otunga & Big Show VS John Cena

Before this match even starts Big Show leaves, citing that he is bound for greater things than his feud with Cena.  Otunga starts the match, getting his ass kicked.  Each time he tries to tag Laurinaitis in, johnny keeps backing away from the turnbuckle.  Eventually Otunga gets the upper hand and Laurinaitis tags himself in, revealing that he is not injured at all and proceeds to stomp a mudhole into Cena.  He tries the pin, but Cena kicks out, scaring Laurinaitis enough to try and tag in Otunga.  Otunga obviously pissed with being Johnny for his earlier actions, also walks away leaving Johnny to his fate.  Cena wins and the women and 5 year old fans go crazy.
Stomp that mudhole Johnny!  Work him into the ground.

This was on ok Raw but it had its low points, aside from the Cena main event, the best part being the tag match at the beginning of the show.  We could have done with more Foley as GM since he is entertaining.  The Cyndi Lauper bit dragged on a little and could have done with being a little shorter.


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