Sunday, 24 June 2012

Blog updates coming soon

Yeah so after posting for these past few months I have found that the content is getting a little cluttered and probably needs pages dedicated to the more permament features on critical rocket.  One of the main ones will be the wrestling section, which will house my WWE and TNA reviews.  Another will archive all of my game reviews.  When I make more headway with the transformers CCG I have been working on I will add a page specifically for that.  The front page will contain my more random rants on other topics.

Of course I will need to get my critical web content developer (My girlfriend) to work on this, as I have no bloody idea how to set other pages up without making thousands of errors along the way.  Hopefully if its possible each page will have some kind of unique image, so they will stand out.  So the listing will be:

  • Critical Wrestling
  • Critical Reviews
  • Critical Cybertron
  • Critical Rocket
Provided this can be done, I can order the blog a little more.  Other pages may eventually appear as I begin to ramp up my content.  In the future I plan on recording footage from Mechwarrior Online when the open beta starts, maybe they will include a video record feature, which I will voice over so you can hear my quaint north west english accent.  Those videos will likely end up on youtube and be linked to a Critical Video section on the blog.  If the videos work well enough then I will branch out into video reviews for games and possibly TNA if I can stand it long enough to do that.  I need to look into the best setup for recording HD video from the PS3, but the video reviews will be a way off yet.

Another page will be Critical Incoming, a page dedicated to those games I am most looking forward to, with my own views on why I am excited for the games release and update as new information becomes available.

Well thanks for reading, I will probably update with more information as progress is made.  Next week will be the usual TNA and WWE reviews.  I will also be posting pieces about my Transformer CCG rules and mechanics but please keep in mind these will not be final rules for the game.  Other items for next week are in the air as I sometimes post based on what news has come out.

Until then see you tomorrow.


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