Saturday, 9 June 2012

Battlefield 3 Premium - Is it worth it?

This is something that has become more common in the games industry these days, the earliest one I can remember is WWE and its fan axxess for their games.  Basically a single down payment months in advance guarantees you will get all of the future DLC at no further cost.

On the face of it, it seems like a rough deal, especially with Battlefield 3.  Here they ask for £39.99 more than the asking price of the game on PC for a set of 5 downloadable packs, which will be released throughout the rest of the year and ending early 2013.  Thats alot of cash to put down especially for those already own Back to karkand the original DLC pack for users who had bought the limited edition of the game.
All five packs will be out by the early months of 2013

Looking at it though from a cost perspective this deal is actually alright if you don't mind spending the £40 now.  Each pack on its own will cost around £12.00 - £13.00 and added together for all 5 will cost more than the premium amount easily.  The other downside to not getting in on the premium offer is the fact that like close quarters released on the PS3 already, will be available earlier for those who bought premium.

Of course I agree with those who count this as a bullshit way of forcing players who really enjoy battlefield to pony up money to play new maps and guns quicker than others, and EA aren't making any attempt to hide this fact.  I guess its one of those things where you either rationalise it or you staunchly refuse to give in and wait a few more weeks to pay a couple of pounds/dollars/euros more, and still have the same experience.
The knife is probably the best part of the "exclusive" items

But what does Premium offer for the asking price?  Well here is the list with some of my personal notes.

  • All five expansion packs with early access - This is probably the best part of the deal since all of the packs are cheaper in the long run.
  • Exclusive in game items - A new knife with minor tweaks to the animation for knife takedowns, dogtags which need to be unlocked in a similar way to assignments and some new soldier and weapon camouflage schemes.  I didn't see this as big a deal really.
  • Access Powerful features - Stats reset is good for those who want to run through and unlock everything again, but thats all thats interesting.  The priority queue system is meaningless when near 90% of people have bought premium so you are still waiting the same amount of time to enter a server.
  • Exclusive double XP events - Not much of a bonus here, since gaining exp past a certain point is meaningless.
  • Inside tactics from DICE - Similar to Call of duty elite, these are a group of videos showing tactics and proper use of terrain that kind of thing.  Probably worth a watch once and thats it.
Personally I like premium for the early access to the DLC packs and the fact thats its cheaper in the long run.  The rest of it is neither here nor there really.  I would recommend it for the hardcore or those who want to save a bit of cash.  If you are the type of player who rolls with the whole "DLC is evil business" then this isn't for you.   

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