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Review: TNA Sacrifice 2012

Nothing can stop the Blob!
So another TNA pay per view roles around and this time we have sacrifice, a show named for a sometimes noble act, that has nothing to do with this PPV.  Seriously what are any of the wrestlers in this PPV sacrificing?  I mean at least a majority of the time WWE have some tenous link to their naming, such as Royal rumble, Elimination chamber, survivor series.  Yes Over the limit has nothing to do with drinking too much alcohol and trying to drive home, but I did say the majority.  Apparently TNA officials felt this was one of the better PPV shows the company has done in a long time.  I guess being competent for TNA is something of a milestone, the PPV was ok to be kind.  Sadly throughout this show many of the matches had little storyline build or even reason for them happening.  Those that did have a tiny amount plot to build them was largely squandered in matches that had telegraphed their ending the week prior.  Anyway here is the run down for each match.

TNA Tag Team Title Match - Kazarin & Christopher Daniels VS Magnus & Samoa Joe

This was a pretty good opening match for Sacrifice.  Both teams were quick, there was plenty going in the match and it was tough to call a winner.  This was one of those matches that had no build or even an in story announcement.  I think if they had built this a little bit it would have worked better, still though I can't fault the match itself because it was good.  Daniels and Kazarian become the new tag champions after the match becomes chaotic and tag rules are thrown out of the window, allowing Kaz and Daniels to double team Magnus for the pin.

Knockouts Title Match - Brooke Tessmacher VS Gail Kim

pre-match stretches have gotten pretty intense these days
This on the other hand is one of those matches where you knew exactly who was going to win weeks before.  WWE does this also, where they have a face win constantly over a heel for two or three weeks and then at the PPV they lose to the heel champ.  This is exactly what happened here with Brooke.  She won three times in a row so you knew Gail was going to keep her title.  It works the other way also where the #1 contender keeps losing until the PPV where they pull out a surprise win from nowhere.  The match itself though was awful.  Brooke botched more times than I could count and there was awkward and blown spots aplenty.  Gail wins after using the ropes to leverage her pin on Tessmacher, who up until that point had been winning comfortably.

Television Title Match - Devon VS Robbie E VS Robbie T
I agree with Maffew, Robbie E is better at being Zack Ryder at the mo

Another telegraphed match here.  This was one of those triple threat matches where the babyface is against a heel tag team.  The heel tag team obviously beat the crap out of the face for most of the match before they start to argue and fight over who will get the pin and by extension the belt.  Well thats exactly what happened here.  The two Robbies beat Devon into submission until Robbie E wants the pin.  Devon takes advantage here and knocks both guys out long enough to win.  Post match Robbie E apologises to Robbie T who decides to let him off this time.  The match wasn't really awful or anything just boring and the finish was obvious.

Singles Match - Mr.Anderson VS Jeff Hardy
Controversial ending, work or botch?

Yeah this match I have no idea why its happening.  Anderson and Hardy are both faces who seem to get along in kayfabe terms.  They for some reason are just fighting. Yeah I know they had been in running for the #1 spot for weeks, but its not like they used underhanded tactics or cheated each other in attempts to win the #1 contender spot.  The match itself is relatively slow for a match involving two pretty quick wrestlers.  I think Hardy may still be carrying a minor leg injury so the match was slow to avoid aggravating it anymore.  The end to the match is probably the more confusing aspect though.  Anderson pins Hardy who clearly kicks out at 2, but the bell is rung and even Anderson is left looking confused.  I am not sure if this was intentional or a botch made by Hefner, but either way the match got the crowd chanting "you screwed Jeff".  The match itself was ok, nothing stand out or memorable.

Singles Match - Crimson VS Eric Young w/ODB
This match was purely to fill time

Crimson continues his bullshit "undefeated" streak despite having several tag match losses.  He offers an open challenge to anyone in the back.  Of course this could have been a good time to introduce Alex Silva and break the streak, or bring back say D'angelo Di'nero, but no we get Eric Young.  The match is pretty lame to be honest, Crimson is a shit wrestler and again this is another match that has been randomly put together so there is no reason to care about the outcome.  Obviously Crimson wins since TNA are so up on this undefeated angle that they will likely never end it, thinking its storyline gold or something.

Grduge Match - Bully Ray VS Austin Aries
This pic pretty much sums up the intensity of the fight

This match is probably the only match to involve any kind of build.  Aries is angry and Bully is confident that the smaller guy will lose to him easily, its the classic david and goliath idea.  Aries during the match takes a horrendous bump that viciously bruises his back, so badly in fact it starts to bleed a little.  Despite this Aries continues to take hits to his back and wrestle the match.  Bully is looking good to win this until the brother of Abyss runs down to tell Bully not to hit Aries with the chain.  This distracts Bully long enough for Aries to get a second wind and hit Bully with the brainbuster and his submission move "the last chancery?"  Correct me if I got that name wrong, I didn't hear it very well when Tazz mentioned its name.  This match was good for what it was, which was a fight and not a wrestling match.

Singles Match - Kurt Angle VS AJ Styles
Big Air Bonus!

Again another match that comes out of nowhere.  The problem I have with this match is that Angle and Styles have said nothing to each other for weeks and yet this match comes about, and its not the first match between them.  They have no rivalry or feud, they just seemed to be have been put together to give them something to do on the PPV.  The match runs for way too long, you could have taken a good ten minutes off this and it still would have felt long.  They go back and forth forever, getting finishers on each other which they kick out of everytime.  The end only comes after Kaz and Daniels interfere, which ruins all the effort Angle and AJ put into the match in the first place.  Angle wins after getting the angle lock locked in.  Post match AJ is attacked by Kaz and Daniels, prompting Angle to beat the crap out of them for again interefering in his match.  The match was good, it just could have been alot shorter and still felt good.

TNA World Heavyweight Title Ladder Match - RVD VS Bobby Rooooooo

Look out its a botchering ram!
Sadly this match is more memorable for the botched ending then the match itself.  I found this match to be boring despite the fact that it was a ladder match.  Both guys hurt each other several times with big moves involving the ladder and yet it still underwhelmed.  The problem I had was that I knew who was going to win from the start anyway.  It was obviously going to be Rooo since he has been bragging about being the longest running TNA champion and we all should know by now that he is only going to drop the belt to Sting.  Ever since Sting said he was going to come back to wrestle Rooo in a few months, it was set in stone there and then.  The end I mentioned being botched was on RVD's part.  He tries to jump onto the ladder than Bobby is climbing up, only to land badly on it and then fall getting his leg stuck in the rung.  He twists his knee or ankle badly and then Bobby wins.  Post match you can see that RVD is pissed that he screwed the end up.  Apparently TNA are going to run a kayfabe injury angle because of it.

So Sacrifice was in a single word, passable.  It wasn't memorable or standout, but it didn't fail in any one regard.  I can see why TNA officials are happy with the results, but they need to make much better PPV's with matches that mean more to even begin to come close to what WWE has to offer.


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