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Raw Review 28th May 2012

So this week we are in full feud mode as Big Show begins to build more heat for his match going into No way out in a couple of weeks.  Laurinaitis continues his corporate reign of terror.  Daniel Bryan continues to challenge Punk.  And finally Dolph Ziggler begins to break under the stress.

The show begins with a horrendously long recap of the events of over the limit.  They really drag this out to the point that you actually want to see a match involving Santino and Khali, and thats bad.
Arrogant Show, is a happy Show

Big Show is the desginated mouth piece for tonights opening segment.  He brings up many valid points over the cirumstances of his firing by Laurinaitis, namely that mere minutes after being fired we see Brodus Clay dancing and the crowd cheering him.  He also points out that no single babyface in the locker room came out to protest the decision and worst of all the first son of krypton John Cena made no effort to get Big Show his job back.  Again this all really makes Big Show a more sympathetic character, a guy who is pissed off at being abandoned by the fans and the locker room, after months of hard work as an entertainer and a friend.  Obviously Show has to do all the usual "I just became a heel and here is why" stuff, like calling the fans idiots, calling out the locker room as being gutless assholes and generally heeling it up for the heat.  Show ends his segment by threatening to embarrass Cena more than the Rock did, and hurt him more than Brock did at Extreme Rules.

Singles Match - Alberto Del Rio VS Santino Marella

Always nice to see the annoying babyfaces get squashed
Normally I dislike squash matches, but this one was just fine in my opinion.  Del Rio completely dominates the little nob jockey and forces him to tap out to the cross arm breaker.  Ricardo gets his revenge by shouting and rolling his r's in Santino's face repeatedly.  Overall this was a good squash match and I for one want to see more Santino being squashed matches more regularly on WWE programming.

Backstage Alex Riley tries to chat up Eve until Big Show interrupts.  Eve tells Big Show that tonight he can pick anyone to be his opponent, which immediately puts Riley into apology mode, claiming he was against Johnny's decision and he was angry at what happened.  Big Show reassures Riley that he doesn't want to fight him tonight, but wants to send a message to the locker room by slamming Riley into a wall.

World Tag Team Title Match - Kofi Kingston & R-Truth VS Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger

Yeah I feel sorry for Ziggler and Swagger each week
This was basically a repeat of the match they had at over the limit.  Ziggler and Swagger get beaten once again by one of the most generic and boring tag teams in WWE history.  Don't get me wrong here, Kofi and Truth are good singles wrestlers, but as a team they are really bland and boring to watch.  Post match Ziggler has had enough of losing to tag teams, and wants to go back to his singles career, blaming Swagger and Vickie for his run of bad luck.

This HAS to be the cover for a collectors edition
Backstage again we see Big Show threatening people, this time its Santino and once again I approve.  He begins to suffocate Santino before Brodus Clay makes the save.  Brodus demands Show make him his opponent tonight, which Big Show accepts.  This could be a good match.

Laurinaitis makes his way to the ring next flanked by Eve and David Otunga.  He makes no attempt to sell his leg injury properly, but this is Laurinaitis so its ok, he is entertaining.  He talks about the new WWE game, WWE 13 and reveals to the world the most awesome box art ever for a wrestling game.  I hope thats a collecters edition special cover.  Punk interrupts to massive cheers, takes the piss out of Johnny and reveals the actual cover for the game, which depicts Punk on the box.  Punk demands Laurinaitis leave his ring, which he does.  Punk knows the board of directors is watching him and as such he cannot do anything to Punk in revenge.  Johnny wishes Punk luck in his match.

Singles Match - CM Punk VS Daniel Bryan

This was once again the best match of the night and if they continue the feud up to no way out this they will continue to outshine everyone else on the roster.  AJ comes out during the match wearing a cm punk shirt, but don't let that fool you, she is still on Bryans side mark my words.  She even distracts the ref long enough to allow Bryan to remove a turnbuckle cover, although they try to make us believe its because he is trying to tell the ref Bryan is cheating.  Punk inevitably bounces his head off the exposed turnbuckle and gets pinned.  Post match Kane attacks Bryan, chokeslamming him onto a chair.  Punk is given a chair by AJ who beats the crap out of Kane with it.  Maybe AJ is working for Kane?  Wouldn't be the first time Kane has had a naive woman working for him.  Maybe a three way match will develop from Kane's interference.

Singles Match - Christian VS The Miz

Christian forgets how to fall and learns instead how to fly
Cody is on hand for commentary tonight and seems to be playing the respectful heel.  He doesn't interfere in the match and discusses how he wants to beat the man who took his title, not someone who took it from Christian.  This seems odd for Cody, maybe the beginnings of a babyface turn.  The match itself is ok, although you know Miz is going to lose to keeps Christians roll going.

Backstage Johnny berates Otunga for tapping to Cena's STF so quickly last week, which forces Otunga to demand a match against Sheamus to make it up to him.  Johnny also mentions how he wants to keep the job for around 20 years which is pretty funny.

The Miz who is still in the ring threatens to stay in the ring until he is given his reward for winning the match for team Laurinaitis at wrestlemania.  He is right though, where is his iron clad contract? or salary bonus?  Its at this point Orton comes out and RKO's Miz.  I guess WWE are trying to do the whole Autin comes out and Stunners some random fool each week, but the difference here is that orton has zero fucking charisma and no character.  Austin was a badass take no prisoners psychotic redneck.  Orton is a.......tall man?

Singles Match - David Otunga VS Shameus
Holy Shit! Otunga got a move in!

Although this could be counted as a squash, at least Otunga gets some offence in before being buried.  I feel like Otunga has been overlooked alot in WWE and its good to see him getting screen time as Laurinaitis' stooge, it would be nice to see him win a match every now and then.

Total Domination Match - Big Show VS Brodus Clay

This match never gets started really.  Big Show fucking destroys Brodus like he wasn't even a tiny threat to him.  Kofi and Truth come out to rescue him only to be bitch slapped so hard they wish they hadn't of bothered.  Show beats Brodus more and ends the program as the conquering heel.

This needs a comic book caption like POW each time he hits
This was a fairly decent Raw, alot better than last week.  Its good to see Show be given a proper dominating heel push and seeing Brodus finally get trounced was good, and I think it will do him good also.  It should be pointed out though that since the match never started between show and Brodus, he never actually lost, so the funkasaurus is still sadly undefeated.  Still WWE can run an undefeated streak better than TNA can with Crimson.


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