Thursday, 31 May 2012

Mini Review: Harley Quinn's Revenge

It has at last made its way to both Xbox and PS3, the final DLC for Batman Arkham city.  In it you get to play as Robin for a portion in a story capacity, fight new enemies, find more easter eggs, explore a new location and wrap up the story of Harley post Joker death.

Harley's thugs look cool
Now this DLC is short clocking in around the 90 minute mark, but can take a little longer if you want to find all of the Harley balloons or just take out every henchmen in the industrial district.  The basic premise is that Harley has since escaped from her incarceration, gathered up the remainder of Joker's crew who are still loyal and taken over the steel mill.  She is grieving for her beloved Mr.J's death so wants to lure in the Batman, which she does by taking several GCPD officers hostage.  Batman goes in but isn't heard for near two days.  Robin now enters Arkham city to find out what happened and hopefully rescue Batman.

Playing as Robin is pretty fun, even if its just in tight corridors with gangs of thugs to fight in each open room.  Its good to hear more dialogue from Robin after playing all of those mute riddler challenges.  Robin doesn't have any new tricks, but his gadgets are used creatively throughout the DLC.  You do switch back to Batman during the DLC to see what happened prior to Robin arriving, equipped with everything from the main story to approach the situations presented to you.

Jokers laugh can be heard throughout the steel mill
The story hints at Batman being different, or changed by the events of Arkham City, but the DLC does very little to show this or have the characters discuss the issue with him.  Batman certainly sounds more distant and angry now compared to his demeanor in the main game, but its hardly touched on.  Harley who is grieving never has that emotional blowout moment where is screaming at Batman for the death of Joker, which would have been cool to see.  Unfortunately she seems to act similar to how she acted in Arkham city.

The price I think is a little high for the amount of content, costing £6.49 on PSN and 800 MSpoints on XBLA.  I would have liked a challenge room for that price also like the previous packs added.  You do get three new character trophies for your collection though, and its nice to see the detail of Harleys crew, after spending two hours knocking ten bells out of them.

The overall package is still fun though.  Its more of the same great Arkham gameplay that ties up the loose ends of the story, gives you some time to play as the boy wonder and foreshadows the kind of mindset Batman will be in when the events of Arkham 3 kick off. 

SCORE: 7.4/10 - I would recommend this to any hardcore Batman Arkhamverse fan.  More is always better and it does enough to be memorable.  I do feel the price tag was a little high for what it added, but you won't mind if you are a dedicated fan.


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