Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Mass Effect 3 Rebellion DLC

The second major piece of multiplayer DLC for Mass effect 3 has been leaked over on Sony Hong Kong.  Although the information has since been deleted from the site, it mentioned several interesting details.

We will once again be given two maps, firebase Jade and firebase Goddess.  Jade is set on a jungle planet near a resevoir while Goddess takes place on the Asari homeworld of Thessia.  Another playable race the Vorcha will be added in the soldier and sentinel classes along with new variants for the adept, engineer and infiltrator classes.

Another three new weapons will be added also but details are scarce on what these are.  Strangely the site also mentioned that the DLC would be out this week, although EA have yet to officially announce anything regarding this pack.  Resurgence was a free DLC likely to help smooth things out with players angry over the ending to Mass effect, whether Rebellion will be free also is speculation at the moment.

I am quite happy to learn that more multiplayer content is coming, especially if it adds more of Mass effects races to the mix.  provided the pricing is decent I will get this the day of release, what is your opinon?  Leave a comment here on Critical Rocket.

Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow for my review of TNA Sacrifice


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