Sunday, 13 May 2012

The little monsters of Dragon's Dogma

Earlier this week I covered the big monsters of Dragon's Dogma and how they will likely be fought and defeated.  But lets face it, a majority of your time will be spent fighting the hordes of smaller creatures that inhabit the lands, and the list isn't boring by any means.  Lets have a look shall we.


They are a dangerous lot, being able to use as many varied skills as you and your pawns.  In large groups can quickly overwhelm you so be on your toes when facing them.


The brine in game are one of those cheap game mechanics to prevent you from going places you shouldn't.  As such if you enter large bodies of water you will die instantly from these creatures and so they cannot be fought.  Reminds me of the mass of tiny things in the sea that kill you in Half life 2

Dire Wolves

A much larger and more powerful version of a wolf, Dire wolves generally lead packs of smaller wovles to great effect.  Although again there are no images of them yet, it wouldn't be too big a stretch to imagine them being much larger and sporting boney protusions from its spine.  Dire wolves may even be a creature you can climb to defeat quicker.

Giant Bat

The giant bat will be encountered in subterranean locations such as underground ruins and the such.  No images are available as yet so again much like the dire wolf, this creature may be large enough to grab as you fight it.


Ah the common goblin, a staple of the adventurers sword diet.  Goblins in Dragon's Dogma don't look much different from other fantasy titles.  They are diminutive, ugly and not very intelligent.  In the demo they are encountered a few times and are killed relatively quickly, their greatest strength being surprise and large numbers to overwhelm a foe.  They aren't very technically minded so most of their equipment is either stolen or improvised and can look pretty amusing.  Like all enemies though, don't get complacent when facing them or you may look a right noob getting killed by a goblin.


Harpies are another relatively weak enemy type found in game, preferring to fight in flocks and use their song to lull party members to sleep.  Physically they aren't very strong but can pick up unsuspecting foes to drop them from a height, although it is also possible to grab one in the air and use it as a short air travel system, hanging on too long will cause the harpy to drop you.  They are easily noticed by their song and so its unlikely they will ever get the drop on you.  Keep a bow or spell ready, and failing that swing high when they swoop down to attack.


These are physically larger goblins basically, with no special attributes or skills to differentiate them.  They stand roughly a man's height and are stronger meaning they are to be targeted first in any goblin engagement.

Large Rats

Probably a dire rat, so expect something the size of an average dog with boney spikes from its back.


These undead attack in groups at night or in places underground.  They have the annoying ability to possess party members and make them attack you.  Magic is key to fighting them and also keeping a distance if possible.


The saurian enemy is a large lizardman and one of the more intelligent foes you will face in game.  They are capable of altering their scale colour to match the enviroment and prefer surprise attacks.  Physically they are far stronger than an average man and can also spit poison.  Cutting off their tail can cause them to flee.  Their scales are very tough and so have high damage resistance.


The simple skeleton is a classic monster in any fantasy RPG and I am glad its here also.  Equipped with ancient and rusted weapons these mindless animated creatures will attack without fear of their opponent.  They have no means to communicate with each other, or even coordinate so luckily you won't have to worry about a group using tactics against you.  Still the sight of several animated skeletons can be an unnverving thing, keep your guard up at all times.

Skeleton Knight

A more armed and armoured version of the standard skeleton encountered in Gransys.  Skeleton knights fight with a bit more caution and strategy, preferring to take out targets quickly with counters and parries.  They still lack the ability to coordinate or communicate with other undead so focus on them first if you can.

Skeleton Mage

Like the other skeletons, these undead also serve the one who summoned them but only in the most basic of ways.  They are clothed in loose garments or rotten robes, clutching wands or staves from a time when they once lived.  Capable of casting offensive magic toward the party, they can also buff their fellow undead if the need arises.  This does not mean though that they have a command role, just that they are aware that empowering other skeletons will accomplish their task easier.  Skeleton mages need to be quickly eliminated when encountered in a group with other skeleton infantry, or else you will face a much tougher battle.


These are probably the most dangerous undead you will encounter.  Incorrectly here called wights, they are in fact Liches.  Born from a sorceror who has studied dark magics long enough that they have been able to continue with their studies as undead themselves.  They still retain all of their personality once transformed into a Wight and worse still, have access to all of their spells.  Wights hover constantly and can evade melee attacks easily, while throwing spells and summoning other undead allies.  I am still puzzled by the wight name, since these are clearly Liches.


A common annoyance in the wilds, wolves will attack in packs to bring down larger foes.  Wolves in Dragon's Dogma have a tactic of dragging a single target down and then all mauling them at once.  You will need to keep your party close together to avoid being singled out.  I would also guess that some groups of Wolves will be led by Dire wolves to make the encounter a little harder.


Finally we have zombies, gamings favourite enemy at the moment.  These zombies are not like those of the films and can be killed with enough damage to any part of their anatomy.  The only thing to fear from zombies is their numbers and lack of feelings, as pain will not slow them down.  Fire will work well on them as will whacking great swords.


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