Thursday, 10 May 2012

Dead Space 3

The closer we get to E3 the more developers and publishers reveal, its almost a waste really since the E3 event itself becomes kind of diluted because all of the surprises have been shown prior to the show going live.  One of the early reveals here is the third instalment of the popular anatomy reducing shooter, Dead Space.

So what is Dead Space?  Well its a series of Sci-fi survival horror, third person shooters.  The original game sees Isaac Clarke and a small team land on the giant planet mining vessel Ishimura, which has gone strangely silent.  It isn't long before the team find that the ship has been overrun by hideous monsters known later on as Necromorphs.  Later again it is revealed that the monsters themselves, are the twisted remains of the ships crew.  Isaac eventually destroys the cause of the infestation and escapes from the Ishimura alone, before being captured by the earth government.
Dead Space was creepy and at times punishing

In Dead Space 2 Isaac has been in a mental facility on the colony station "Titan" for the last year or so, haunted by the memories of his experiences on the Ishimura.  A new outbreak of the Necromorph infestation occurs and Isaac must not only escape the station and stop the Necromorphs, he must also fight his own guilt and psychosis. 

I like dead space alot, even though I am a massive coward when it comes to survival horrors.  I jumped at all the scares in both games and don't get me started on the invulnerable bosses that chase you throughout certain levels.  Dead Space was still massively good fun though despite my cowardice.  The atmosphere was perfect, the ship in parts reminded me of films like Alien with its run down claustrophobic look.  The lighting made every shadow threatening and hid Necromorphs from sight, and the sound was always certain to make me jump and waste ammo.  I wouldn't go back to dead space though after completing it, simply because of the unkillable boss monster that keeps returning after chapter 6, it added to the tension sure, but from a gameplay perspective it just ruined it for me.  Also add in the robotic movement of Isaac and sometimes unhelpful camera, you can see the frustration building.

Dead Space 2 was a major improvement in every regard really.  Isaac upgraded from mute protagonist to almost constantly yapping like Conan in his sequel.  The graphics improved, the enemies got smarter, the setting was bigger and more varied and the features expanded.  The game was easier overall, and dare I say a little more action than horror, but this was good.  The game felt better for it and allowed the developers to focus on the story and level design.  Sure the end boss was a bit weird and felt very un-dead space, but apparently that wasn't Visceral games choice.  Necropmorph variety expanded and so did your arsenal of mining tools.  The ending to this game left itself wide open for a sequel and thats exactly what we will be getting next year.
New Necromorphs in dead space 2 kept things fresh

Dead Space 3 will again feature a new setting, this time stranding Isaac on the frozen rock of Tau Volantis, on the run from the shadowy groups who want the knowledge in his head.  He will be joined this time (and for the first time) by a guide who also wears a suit similar to Isaac, who will be a co-op playable character.  The only details of this man is that he has a scar on his face and his suit will glow red instead of green.  Both characters will have to work together to complete telekinetic puzzles to advance and apparently this will available as a drop in, drop out feature.  The game will play slightly differently depending on whether another player is there or not.  Other rumours to come out recently, are that Isaac will be able to roll and dodge for the first time, and I know that sounds kind of funny, but for survival horrors this is a big deal.  Human enemies will also make their appearance for the first time in the series.

The thing I am most hyped about here is the co-op, because I can see some hilarious moments coming out this with my brother.  He likes Dead Space, but unlike me isn't scared of the monsters and quite happily marches into dark rooms covered in gore.  I can imagine plenty of situations with me hugging the walls the entire time trying to edge along slowly, while my brother just stomps his way along blowing Necromorphs away with reckless abandon.

Obviously more details will emerge at E3 soon now the game is official.  I will keep an eye on this definitely and make a more detailed post as more solid details emerge.

Until next time, thanks for reading and have a good week.


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