Monday, 7 May 2012

Company of Heroes 2 is now official

At last Relic and THQ make it official and announce the sequel to one of the best RTS games ever made.  Now details are obviously incredibly scarce, but the game is due out next year, probably in the autumn and the setting will now be the eastern front.

Its funny how the sequel does something that fans of the original wanted years ago, but Relic didn't respond.  I do feel sorry for the eastern front mod team though, who worked incredibly hard to make a brilliant mod that seamlessly intergrated into Company of heroes without having to alter most of the core game.

Company of heroes 2 will have a story focused around both sides of the conflict, like opposing fronts.  It will run on a new graphics engine and feature a greater level of destruction.  All this is well and good but I hope they don't forget that again like the original game, new factions for multiplayer are sorely needed in an RTS with just two factions.  I would personally like to see the US, British, Panzer Elite and Wehrmacht from the original transfer over just for multiplayer.
T-34 tanks = Win

Knowing relic there will be at least two full stand alone expansions, so I would imagine that Relic will either split the german and Russian forces into four different armies, or possibly (and this is what i would like) add other nations from the eastern front.  Italy, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria all fought on the side of the germans.  Russia would probably have to be split into a second more specialised force, but still it would be awesome to see other nations.

Obviously just being announced more information will trickle through as the months pass, but this is great news and hopefully Relic will deliver more screenshots and information in the next couple of weeks.


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