Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Capcom re-thinking on disc DLC

A hotly debated topic amongst capcom fans recently has become so hot that Capcom themselves have stated that they will reconsider their policy of leaving DLC on the disc.  Personally I am not bothered by this news, since buying the DLC has always been a choice and never mandatory so why be annoyed about it.  There are exceptions to this rule of course, such as Street fight X Tekkens approach to including 12 characters on the disc and expect players to idly sit back and wait to pay at a later date.  That was the final straw for many capcom gamers and in this case I agree.  I don't mind small DLC's being on disc like costumes, extra maps or weapons but something significant like characters, campaigns or mini expansions are kind of taking the piss.

Another piece of information to leak out from this revelation was that Dragon's Dogma will include DLC on the disc, which was mentioned probably to pre-empt player anger and also to highlight that games that started their development months prior will still have DLC on the disc.  Now I am really looking forward to Dragon's Dogma and will likely buy the DLC just to expand such a sweet looking game.

Will this be the end of on disc DLC?  Probably not.  Developers see the cost cutting opportunity in it and I don't blame them for it, since the developement costs are sky high for some titles.  Also its worth noting the costs for developers to host their DLC on Sony and Microsofts servers, something which they have to do.  If its on the disc they only need to host a relatively small file to unlock the items, and it makes perfect sense to do this for smaller items.

Its a tricky subject really and probably a massive headache for developers to balance without being mobbed by the fans.  Some will say that gamers act like developers owe them for everything, others will totally agree with their sense of entitlement.  Myself, I prefer to try and see both sides before joining the lynch mob.


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