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The BIG Monsters of Dragon's Dogma

Since its only a short time now before the release of Capcom's open world fantasy RPG Dragon's Dogma, I thought I would increase awareness of this awesome looking game, by posting some details on the giant beasties you will be grappling onto and ventilating as part of your journey as "the arisen".

Monster slaying in Dragon's Dogma plays sort of like a cross between monster hunter and shadow of the colossus.  You and your team of monster slayers will slowly pick apart the target using spells, special attacks and the enviroment to discover its weakness, before going hell bent for leather to bring it down, usually involving one or more of your team clambering onto the creature and carving it up like a christmas turkey.

So what kind of threats can we expect to face?  Well lets have a look shall we.

Eye Tyrant (Beholder)

Yes the classic D&D Monster makes its appearance here and looks pretty freaky as it should.  Like all Beholders expect its eye stalks to shoot magical blasts and cause debuffs and status effects.  Beholders are one of the toughest enemies in fantasy lore so this should be one of the nastier fights in Dragon's Dogma.  Without its magic it was seen in the recent launch trailer that this creature could simply bash you with its body, so stay on your toes.  I am going to guess that if you can successfully latch onto it, you will be able to slice those pesky eye stalks off and eventually stab its main eye for the killing blow.  Looks fun.
Ranged characters will likely have the easier time with the Beholder, given the agility and distance advantage.  Spell casters can stay a safe distance away while healing and buffing, while the fighter(s) keep it in place.  It will be interesting to see if shooting it in the main eye will make it temporarily blind, allowing you the opportunity to climb it that way.


Ah yes the common garden variety Chimera.  Three headed creatures sporting a lions body and head, with a snake tail and for some reason only the ancient greeks understand, a goats head.  Despite the slightly daft look of this monster do not underestimate it.  In the demo the Chimera is a powerful beast and needs tactics to take it down quickly.

Climbing the Chimera is essential to victory since you will need to cut off that snake tail to prevent it from spewing a poisonous gas.  After that you will need to again climb to kill off the goat head, which casts spells on the party.  The lion itself has no special abilities other than being a massive lion.  Hitting the head does more damage than the body or legs, but runs the risk of beaten bitten a little.  Having fire is good, since a few hits to the mane of the lion will ignite it causing constant damage over time.  The lion will also roar loud enough to send everyone crashing to the floor, and will become much more aggressive as it reaches death, so keep up the pressure and be ready to dodge.


Stop laughing, yes its a huge chicken, but this cock will petrify you if you piss it off enough.  Yes the Cockatrice is another old fantasy favourite, although here is a four legged variety rather than the more traditional two legged.  Still the Cockatrice is very deadly, capable of breathing either poisonous fumes or as mentioned earlier a petrifying gas.

Its unknown yet if the petrified characters are out of the fight until the monster is dead or if its just a temporary effect, but from the video the process is slow.  The cockatrice will give its attacks away though by filling its neck sac with the gas before breathing, so take the opening to climb aboard and start hacking.  Since most monsters can be chopped apart, one of the first targets should be the sac on its neck to prevent it from using its special attacks.  Without them its just a massive, angry, four legged cock.


Another greek monster of legend the cyclops in Dragon's Dogma are in larger numbers and are found in the service of humans and non humans.  Basically a Cyclops won't bludgeon you to death if you feed it regularly enough.  In game Cyclops are large, around twenty feet or more in height and very primitive looking.  They are not the most intelligent creature and in combat prefer to simply smash opponents with their brute strength.

Fortunately they are relatively slow to react so can be outwitted and out maneuvered.  Most Cyclops use primitive weapons such as improvised clubs, but some can be found that simply use their fists.  Their obvious weakspot is the eye.  Climbing and stabbing it in the eye will cause big damage, but will also cause it to flail wildly around and probably hit everyone in the party, be prepared to get some distance.  Some Cyclops are given helmets to protect their eye making it harder to blind the beast.


Golem's are a construct monster found in the outdoor areas of dragon's dogma, which had been created by spellcasters for numerous reasons.  Some are made to protect vaults of riches, places of power or the spellcaster themselves.  Golems are made of stone primarily and are as such incredibly resistant to physical damage.  Their only weakspot is the glowing sigils on their "bodies" that grant them autonomy.

These sigils are placed all over the creature, some being on the underside of the feet, while others will be more prominent on places such as the face and arms.  Like Cyclops and Ogres, Golems will simply smash targets with its stone fists.  After doing enough damage the Golem will become inert for a time, allowing you to do more damage.  It will eventually reactivate and become far more aggressive, so be quick to attack and get your distance before it hulks out on your pawns.


The noble Griffin is one of the monsters available for slaying in the demo and it can be a pretty tough fight, but its also pretty awesome.  The Griffin will obviously utilise its flight to its maximum advantage throughout any fight, requiring you to use ranged attacks to force it down.  Doing enough damage to the wings will cause it to crash, as will fire which makes it tough for the Griffin to concentrate on flying.  Once it lands you need to take advantage and climb it to start doing big damage to the head, or if you want, the wings to prevent it from taking off again.

Griffins can use several attacks to wittle down the party.  Swooping hit and run attacks can cause big damage, while it can also beat it wings as a buffet attack.  Griffins can also on rare occassions call down lightning so stay mobile.  If you are having trouble trying to bring the bird down, keep an eye out for a melee party member who might offer you a chance to run up their sword or shield to try and grab the Griffin in the air.


Although in most fantasy settings a drake is a type of draconic creature, usually with only two large legs and smaller wings than that of a dragon.  Here in Dragon's Dogma the drake is treated as being a lesser cousin to the mighty end boss dragon.

Drakes are large powerful beasts that will easily overwhelm the party with fire and physical attacks.  They are very resistant to damage and are naturally resistant to fire magic themselves, possibly immune.  They are still as vulnerable as any other monster once they are grabbed.  Damaging the wings will reduce its flight capability or prevent it from flying at all, while damaging the head will cause critical damage.


The Hydra is another big fantasy favourite and I am really looking forward to facing this beast at the end of the month.  What do we know about Hydra's?  Well they have multiple heads which in this case is four, they can regenerate their heads and each head acts independent of the others.  Basically the Hydra is a massive angry snake, with some extra heads.  Its not an intelligent creature so it won't be using any tactics or skills, other than simply trying to squash or eat you.

As stated earlier the Hydra has always been pretty good at regrowing lost limbs, and traditionally fire has been the only way to prevent them from growing back.  Much like trolls then.  Although not confirmed it may be advisable to bring anything along that causes fire damage since damage over time is still handy for any large monster battle.  It may be a case that it can only regenerate its lost heads once each, but again nothing is concrete at this stage.  Still this is going to be an impressive looking fight and probably quite a tough one.


Ok so the Ogre, yeah these things are always unpleasant and Dragon's Dogma don't do anything different.  A couple of things that amused and worried me here, was (A) Their arse glows red when they take a certain amount of damage (B) They become very excited when females are around, and I don't mean female Ogres.  Yeah so expect the attacking Ogre to try and rape your female pawns or your female arisen given half the chance.

They are probably the smallest of the big monsters, but are more agile because of it.  They also have a modicum of intelligence and will for example be aware when someone is climbing on its back, so it will jump into the air to land on its back to squish them.  Annoyingly though you have to climb the bugger to bring him down.  Ogres can also adjust their sprint to compensate for dodges so you may have to tempt fate and make last minute jumps instead, otherwise they will simply round a corner or turn enough during their sprint to hit you anyway.  The only upside to their smaller size is less health, meaning quicker kills. 

Thats it for todays Dragon's Dogma post.  Tomorrow I will cover the smaller and less threatening monsters that inhabit dogma's world.  Until then thanks for reading and have a good weekend.


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