Monday, 30 April 2012

WWE Extreme Rules 2012 Review

I did not have high hopes for this PPV.  Personally I was unsure about paying for it because really the ending seemed obvious for so many matches.  I was looking forward to the CM Punk/Chris Jericho match, but I couldn't care about the rest of the feuds.  Daniel Bryan and Sheamus had alot of hype, but not being a fan of either, I wasn't really looking forward to it.

So we open the night with the tedious feud between Kane and Randy Orton.

Grudge Match - Kane VS Randytron Mark IV

Not even close to the kick and Orton sells like QVC
This was a decent opening match, which was surprising really.  Kane was destined to lose of course since only Cena is allowed to beat Orton in a straight match.  The crowd was pretty into this match, and when the wrestlers went backstage for the mandatory brawl, which happens at least once in every extreme rules PPV these days the crowd went silent.  I don't blame them really, I mean you pay to see these guys wrestle and then they fuck off backstage for a few minutes forcing you to watch it on the big screen.  In those circumstances why bother going to see it live, when they do that.  Orton wins after dropping an RKO on Kane over a steel chair.  Kane never actually touches the chair, just falls to his knees and then rolls over to be pinned.  Again WWE fail to keep Kane's rep as a monster intact, instead being more content to just to let him be steamrolled by babyfaces after weeks of build.  If Kane actually won a match as a heel I think the world would implode with shock.

Singles Match - Brodus Clay VS Dolph Ziggler

Tyrion Lannister could kick Hornswoggles ass!
Once again Brodus comes out accompanied by Hornswoggle, thus cementing his new status as Midget minder for WWE.  Brodus already has enough issues getting over that he doesn't need Hornswoggle pissing off the fans more.  The match actually sees Ziggler winning most of it, and Brodus sells the hits he takes.  He still wins of course because the mouth breathers front row need to see the funny dancing fat man win, or their miserable lives will be ruined.  Brodus shows he has a horrendous amount of ring rust, due to you know not actually wrestling a god damn match for so long.  He trips over himself, misses his mark for some moves and looks very uneasy moving around the ring during the match.  Hopefully he will start to wreslte more and we can see an improvement, otherwise I can see WWE dropping him because his gimmick will be old soon.

Intercontinental Title Tables Match - Big Show VS Cody Rhodes

This looked like it hurt....alot
Prior to the PPV the raw roulette wheel is used to decide the special stipulation of the match, and it picked tables.  This match relatively short, but not a bad match.  Cody plays the weaker more cagey fighter throughout the match, trying to win despite the massive disadvantage he is at.  Cody wins though after managing to drop kick Big Shows leg as he was climbing back into the ring, which caused Show to step through a table.  Cody wins the intercontinental title back and the crowd love it.  These Chicago fans really like the heels way more than the faces.  The loss pisses Big Show enough that he decides to put Cody through two tables, the second one being over the top rope to the outside, which looked like it really really hurt.  Rhodes leaves under his own power, but not without looking like he wants to cry.

World Heavyweight Title Match Best 2 out of 3 - Daniel Byran VS Sheamus

Guess what Bryan is about to say
The YES chants are in full force tonight.  Even when Bryan tries to get the crowd to hate him they still chant YES.  Sheamus gets boo'd throughout the match, although he does have some fans there.  Byran works the arm the entire match, even going so far as to get himself disqualified and giving Sheamus the first point to simply soften him up for the YES lock.  Bryan locks in the submission and Sheamus refuses to tap resulting in him passing out and forcing the ref to give Bryan the point.  After Sheamus convinces the medical team ringside that he can continue the fight continues.  After a few more minutes Sheamus emerges the winner.  This match was good, but I expected something more from a fight we have been waiting near two years to see.  I guess all of the internet chat and hype really built the confrontation between these two up, far above what they could provide.

Handicap Match - Double Jobbers VS Ryback

So these two guys who we have never seen before are in the ring and run this terrible promo for their match against their unknown opponent.  Is this really what should be on a PPV?  Did I pay £14.95 for this?  Fuck me I was dumb to do this.  Anyway Ryback (which sounds like a dirty sex act) appears and appears to be dressed in some of RVD's old ring attire, while also acting like Goldberg circa. 99.  Ryback crushes the two jobbers, who must have had a combined weight of a bag of walkers crisps and leaves.  Again they put that on a PPV?

WWE Championship Match Chicago Street Fight Spectaculaaaaaar! - CM Punk VS Chris Jericho

Punk and Jericho match FTW
This was hands down the best match of the night and the one I paid to see.  Jericho and Punk really know how to keep a story running during a match, while putting in some great wrestling.  Both take an absolute beating and put each other massively.  My only gripe is the way Punk seemed to be largely unfazed the Codebreaker onto a chair, but thats it really.  Great match, that proves WWE can still deliver when they let the talent decide how the match will run and not worry about marketing, like they do for Cena.

Diva's Title Match - Nikki Bella VS Layla

So the Bella's winning the belt meant nothing anyway since they are leaving soon, so it made sense that the returning Layla be the one to win the title.  She was bound to win since she had returning babyface powers.  The match was meh, nothing to complain about really, it did what all Diva's matches are meant to do, give you a break for a piss and get more food.

Exreme Rules Match - Brock Lesnar VS Luigi

Cena's attempt to show Lesnar that skateboarding was easy backfired tremendously
Cena Wins, then leaves due to injury, making the entire Brock build up pointless and a massive waste of time.  I refuse to discuss this match, mainly because it was obvious Cena would win after his loss to the Rock.

The PPV was better than I expected, I was happy with the Punk match and some of the others where pretty entertaining. 


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