Sunday, 15 April 2012

What the hell happened to Warhammer PC games?

I read the recent controversy over EA's internal artwork for their new free to play C&C game, and yes the pictures do clearly show that the developers looked at some Games Workshop models and copied them.  EA claims that these are simply internal images and so where never intended to be released to the public.  Apparently this has cleared everything up between GW and EA so crisis averted.  if you want to see the offending images heres a link

After reading this and some of the comments I got to thinking about the dire state of Warhammer PC gaming these days.  I mean Warhammer is a pretty big setting for some awesome gaming ideas, but developers squander them every single time.  Warhammer Mark of Chaos was a travesty, that tried to emulate the wargame and failed in every regard, limiting the number of armies you could play and only having a scant selection of units available anyway.  Why bother if you're not going to try and be faithful to the product?  Much older titles like Warhammer dark omen at least gave you a tough but far more faithful adaptation of the tabletop wargame.
Yeah this was shit don't bother with it

Warhammer 40k is in relatively safe hands with Relic, who made Dawn of war 1 & 2, although dawn of war 2 was a little off for my liking.  Dawn of war 3 however will go back to being more like the original game, just with some much improved gameplay and graphics, thanks to the company of heroes engine.  But games set in the warhammer universe are sadly left to die in the corner.  Bioware and EA's free to play warhammer PVP game is a joke in my opinion and another wasted effort.  Why would you want to play a team based PVP in different arenas?  How does that fit the setting at all? 

I can only think of one company that could do the Warhammer setting justice and thats The creative assembly.  Their total war engine would work a treat for the setting.  Have a world map featuring numerous territories, plenty of playable factions and tonnes of units.  Given CA's recent shogun 2 releases you could easily include melee and ranged combat, have some more fantastical units on screen such as dragons, giants, trolls, giant spiders, wyverns the lot really.  Considering the sheer weight of models produced by GW, a Warhammer total war game would be self sufficient with expansions, DLC unit packs and other little extras.  If anyone from CA is reading this, just toss the idea around the office if you haven't already :)
This map + creative assembly = WIN

I suppose its inevitable that one day we will see a good warhammer game released on PC that doesn't involve MMO, PVP arena combat or shoddy attempts at copying the wargame. 


Anonymous said...

I've been dreaming of that idea for years. Creative Assembly really rocks in such type of games. Total War: Warhammer or Total War: Lord of the Rings will be awesome

Thadius Cole said...

There are mods out there for the likes of medievel 2 or Empire that are based on warhammer and LOTR, but yeah CA need to make their own licensed total war of the likes of A song of ice and fire, Warhammer, Lord of the rings just to begin with.

Although its more likely that the next total war game will be Rome total war 2.

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