Thursday, 26 April 2012

Naruto Generations Tournament Brackets

Well after being linked to a great little tournament site called Challonge, by user YellZombie (thanks for that)  I have created a Naruto Shippuden Generations tournament bracket.  If all goes well I will actually be able to link it here so people can see it update regularly.  Here is the link

The tournaments first rounds will run today and be updated tonight, with the subsequent rounds being updated each day after.  So keep checking the link here to see the winners of each round.

Thanks for reading.  Tomorrow I will be posting my impressions on the recently released Dragon's Dogma demo and Asura's Wrath DLC.  Sometime later in the week I will be posting my review of Prototype 2.

First round is finished and I have to say the results where a little unexpected really.  The Pain and Minato fight lasted only about 20 seconds as Pain completely crushed Minato.  Sai beating Killer Bee was also unexpected, but the other two fights where pretty good and went back and forth considerably.

Round 2 of the tournament will be best of 3 fights so it will take longer but give a more rounded result overall.


Second round is complete and that took a loooong time, over 70 fights to finish it.  Some fights dragged on way too long, while others where pretty damn good.  Check the brackets for the winners and losers.  Some results where surprising, which it what I like about running these tournaments.


Another tough set of fights had its fair share of tense battles.  Deidara who had dominated the first two rounds was eventually put out by Pain, while Kankuro in both young and older forms seems set to win.  Young Kakashi dominated his round with barely a scratch in two rounds.  Unfortunately for me, my two picks went out unceremoniously being Sasuke and Neji, both of whom got crushed by Kiba and Kankuro respectively.  If Kiba and Kankuro end up in the final it will be a tough call for a winner.


Yes after something of a delay the tournament has finished and to be honest I was surprised by the results.  I will probably run a new tournament in the near future, and at the moment its looking like DBZ just not sure what game.


YellZombie said...

Wow that looks like a pretty epic tournament. Like I said I don't know these characters, But I'll choose some characters anyway. I'll cheer for Tobi, Shino and Masked Man. This is based on a youtube video on all the characters.

Im almost done the first round of my tournament.

Glad you like Challonge and find if helpful.

Thadius Cole said...

Masked man and Tobi are pretty tough in this game to say the least.

On your tournament I have to go for Sagat as my pick to win. I have bookmarked it anyway.

And yes challonge is something I don't think I would have found to be honest, its a great little site for that, thanks very much for the link.

YellZombie said...

Looks like all the guys I picked are out. Now I'll cheer for Pain

My round two is done. Two strong fighters are out. Round three is going to be nuts. I'm already looking forward to the next tournament where I reseed the fighters according to the results of this tournament and make it double elimination.

Thadius Cole said...

I don't fancy Sagats chances against Ken, but I will hope he gets the win there.

I don't think I will run another naruto generations tourney for a while because of the vast set of characters. I will likely run a dragonball Z raging blast 2 tourney next, but will probably be a little while from now since I am trying to finish more of my Transformers card game.

YellZombie said...

My tournament is complete! The end was exciting and the final match was epic to say the least. Check it out. I just got the arcade edition of SF IV. My next tournament will probably be on that.

It is cool that when the tournament is over Challonge gives standings, which will come in handy for seeding in the next tournament.

I eagerly await the conclusion of your tournament,, with Pain being victorious. idk, is he even good?

Thadius Cole said...

Pain is a pretty good short range fighter who has gravity manipulation abilities. He sucks at long range, but is one of the toughest characters to effectively fight without taking alot of damage.

What?! Sagat went against Ryu, now thats just unfair. The guy already got scarred by Ryu for life, this was clearly a rigged fight :) Be interested in seeing the SF IV tourney.

YellZombie said...

Its the best when Sagat a ryu meet in a tournament, and this one didn't fail to entertain, going the full five rounds. However, it was lame compared to the final match between ryu and bison. Every round was so close and I was on the edge of my seat cheering for ryu. =(

Well I got the SFIV tournament ready to go. I looks insane with the double elimination. Check it out (click my name). Seth and Akuma face eachother in the first round and the winner gets to move on the face Bison. The crazyness starts already.

Thadius Cole said...

Yeah the double elimination looks good, I will have to try that myself for the DBZ tournament I do next. Street fighter is clearly one of the best games for this format, although Street fighter X tekken would be cool.

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