Saturday, 7 April 2012

Mass Effect 3: Resurgence Pack & Extended Cut

So Bioware has kept to it's promise to release more information about upcoming DLC and addressing the ending to the game in April.  Yesterday we were shown the first footage of the first of hopefully many new multiplayer DLC's, The Resurgence Pack.  The best news is that this is free for all owners of Mass effect 3 and will be released next week on tuesday for PC & Xbox, while PSN will get it on wednesday in europe.

The pack adds the previously leaked Batarian and Geth characters, along with the Krogan Vanguard and Asari Adept.  All have unique abilities and equipment to use, so save your credits for unlocking them.  But that's not all, the pack includes two new maps and three new weapons.

Firebase Condor

A warzone outpost located on one of Palaven’s moons, Firebase Condor represents a crucial asset in the defense of the Turian homeworld, providing the beleaguered turian fleet with a place to refuel and repair. Its loss could grant the Reapers unparalleled access to the Inner Council Theatre.

Firebase Hydra

Firebase Hydra is located in an old abandoned Quarian colony which humans took over when they originally settled the world of Ontarom. It has since been converted into a massive dam facility which powers the communications hub located at Firebase Dagger and the kinetic barrier which protects it. Without this critical power source, Systems Alliance communications within the entire theatre would go dark.


 From left to right

Geth Infiltrator - Geth Infiltrators converge quickly on a target while remaining undetected. Their unique perception systems give Geth Infiltrators an unsurpassed understanding of the battlefield.

Batarian Sentinel - Batarians are large brawlers that use nets and spiked weapons to capture targets… or to bleed them dry on the battlefield. If an opponent gets too close, a Batarian bludgeons them with spiked armor and enforcement gauntlets.

Krogan Battlemaster Vanguard  -  Krogan Vanguards are a brutish specimen. These fully mature krogan might be old and slow, but their biotic charge ability makes up for it. Their heavy shields and ability in close makes them a menace on the battlefield.

Batarian Soldier - Batarian Soldiers are adept at all forms of modern warfare and never shy away from a battle.  Some consider their tactics brutal, but against the reapers these tactics work very well.

Geth Engineer - Geth Engineers are elite support specialists. Their unique perception systems give Geth Engineers an unsurpassed understanding of the battlefield.

Asari Justicar  - Asari are fierce, graceful warriors. They are incredibly powerful natural biotics. The asari excel at hit-and-run tactics that ruthlessly eliminate their opponents from the battlefield.

• Striker Assault Rifle – Krogan rifle with explosive rounds. Its rate of fire increases when the trigger is held.
• Kishock Harpoon Gun – Deadly one-shot batarian weapon. Causes bleed-out or disruption of target.
• Geth Plasma SMG – Fully-automatic geth submachine gun. Its rate of fire increases when the trigger is held.
I am really looking forward to playing this new content, especially getting my Batarian soldier that's going to kick arse.  Bioware made a good call making this free considering the shitstorm it's experiencing on it's forums at the moment.  
Now the extended cut.  Announced last week this will apparently add extra cinematics and more explanation for certain actions taken during the end of the game.  This hasn't exactly pleased fans who wanted a new ending to the game, and although I agree with many that the ending was poor for such a good game, I am waiting to play it before I make any judgement.  If they can explain some of the plotholes and give a bit more clarity of things, such as Shepard waking up in the rubble on earth if you pick to destroy the reapers then it may go someway to assauging fans who wanted more explanation.
I don't like the idea of the galaxy being screwed with no mass relays, but I choose to ignore that part anyway.  I also don't mind Shepard being killed since that always seemed like the inevitable end for Shepard anyway.  Explaining why the Normandy was in a mass relay jump would be helpful though since it makes little sense.  The extended cut will also be free to download and is tentatively scheduled for a summer release.  Time will only tell if Bioware will eventually give players a paid for additional ending or more content to further explain things.  Since the indoctrination theory is currently the most compelling arguement for the endings events, then we may yet see that in the new cinematics, although don't hold your breath.
Many users on Biowares forums are not so willing to accept this decision though and I can't really blame them.  Bioware wish to "maintain artistic integrity" which means they simply want to keep their ending and the fans be damned.  Fair enough, its Biowares game and they could have not released a set of cinematics to explain events.  It is interesting to note that the ending was only written in november last year, meaning it was left until the last minute before being added.  Bad writing is bad writing and I don't think any amount of "artistic integrity" will excuse of them of botching the end to one of the biggest RPG franchises of the last 10 years.

Still it will be worth the wait to see what changes they make and also to see what other pre-ending DLC they release, I am still hoping to see the Raloi.


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