Sunday, 1 April 2012

Critical Rocket now officially partnered with TNA!

No you are not misreading this, I have been asked to officially represent TNA here at Critical rocket, which will soon be changed to Critical Impact!  Now things will change only a little, but I can no longer review WWE or any of its related shows, and now must travel alot to different TNA events in the states and abroad to record interviews and maybe even appear on the show.

I was shocked myself at first and didn't believe it until I skyped with Eric Bischoff and Dixie Carter about the blog and the many valid points I had brought up during my weekly reviews, and although I have been asked to come at the show from a different angle, I assure you that my review of Impact and its PPV shows will  remain as unbiased and free of censorship as it once did, so long as it is all positive I am told.

So yeah expect my review of Impact tomorrow or tuesday as usual.  Unfortunately I won't be reviewing Wrestlemania tomorrow since I can longer post about WWE programming, but heh there are other sites around the web for that I guess like Botchamania and PWG.

So goodnight for now, and see you all tomorrow.

Oh and for anyone wondering (which I highly doubt) yes this is a April fools and I still fucking hate TNA, its awful on every describable level and needs to be repackaged of simply shut down.  Also I will be reviewing mania tonight, but I will be very tired so forgive me if the review seems spotty as I may fall asleep during the event.

In other news I will be posting plenty of pictures taken by my friend Grumpy Kitteh from this weekends Birmingham Comic con and memorabilia event.  It was a pretty good show and I bought lots of stuff I probably shouldn't have, but meh its a convention and it would suck to leave with nothing.  Anyway I will talk about that tomorrow or whenever the pics are ready for posting.

See you all later

Critical Rocket


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