Saturday, 14 April 2012

The collectible card game curse

I freakin' love CCG or collectible card games.  I really cannot get enough of them.  They have cool artwork, look good and there are literally hundreds of different cards to get for anyone game out there.  I have probably bought a few starter packs of card games just because I liked the look of the box, even if there isn't anyone to play it with.  I recently bought about 6 starter boxes for the Pokemon black and white set, and I have looked at the cards and never played with them at all.  Its unlikely I will get more, its just my curse.  Basically I would buy a card game of Transformers if there was one......I'll have a quick check brb (5 minutes later) Nope nothing, except that awful 3d card model thing.
I am so far behind with these cards

But despite this I still really enjoy buying and opening new card packs.  The most recent game I have gotten into is Warhammer Invasion.  Its different from a normal CCG in that the packs are not randomised and the game requires no booster packs to build decks.  The game instead has regular releases of Battle packs that are themed around certain abilities or units, each containing 60 cards of which 20 are brand new cards, the rest being doubles of the new cards.  This type of card game is referred to as a Living card game or LCG.  Produced by fantasy flight games, the series has been running for a while now and the cards are really good quality, varied and some nice artwork.  Obviously better if you like the games workshop warhammer setting.  The basics of the game revolve around playing as one of six races, amassing resources to pay for cards, and then using cards in one of three zones to battle the other player.  Its quite simple and fun the few times I have managed to coerce my girlfriend into playing it with me.

I recently bought the starter box for A game of thrones LCG and have yet to play it really.  The artwork though is really nice and the game itself from what I have read is quite involved for a card game, involving shaky alliances, assasination, warfare and espionage to eliminate the other players to claim the iron throne.  There are over a decades worth of card releases for it so if like me you want to try and get the sets you missed then be prepared to fork out alot of cash to obtain the early battle pack releases.
This plays really well when you have a good player

Every now and then I buy Magic the gathering sets for no real reason other than to go "ooo shiny!" and then never bother getting anymore sets.  I think its a case of being overwhelmed by the number of cards out there and feeling like I am missing out because I have been playing since the mid nineties.  My latest abortive purchase was a starter set for Innistrad called carnival of blood.  The cards are pretty cool and all, but really I don't know what to do with them.

I would like to get my hands of a new set of Marvel CCG cards if someone would release them.  I know there is a set by Upper deck but frankly I want cards with the cool comic artwork, not the god awful movie stills on them.  A proper Transformers CCG would be something I would seriously drop some cash into.

I have been been toying with the idea of making a separate section on the blog to host images of all the warhammer invasion cards I have as a visual reference.  What do you think?
OOOO shiny!

I promise tomorrow I have something about gaming to talk about, maybe not a review but at least about something I have been playing or looking forward to playing.

Till then have a good weekend.


YellZombie said...

I have never played CCGs, but upon seeing the street fighter one I bought two starter packs and a bunch of packs with no intension of ever playing the actual game.

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