Friday, 6 April 2012

Birmingham Memorabilia & Comic Con 2012

For the second year running now I have visited the Birmingham memorabilia convention at the NEC, and I have to say it's a pretty good day out.  This year since Critical Rocket was up and running I decided to get some photo's and post some general information about the show, what was there and the kind of price's etc.

This year I ended up going on the sunday since transport was only available then and it was still pretty busy, with at least seven or eight hundred people turning up throughout the day.  Plenty of cosplayers were milling around, some of them in really expensive costumes, others.....well let's just say they made the effort.  The standout for the show was the star wars 501st cosplayer group, who's stormtrooper uniforms looked amazing and must have cost a small fortune to put together.  Not that there wasn't plenty of anime cosplay or tv cosplays, I saw a few as Doctor Who, a dalek and a smattering of full metal alchemist characters among others.

 The show itself was in two halls this year, one being dedicated to collectible's like autographed photo's, collecitble card games, trading card series, vintage toy's, DVD's, LEGO, annuals, comic's, statues, movie poster's and plenty of other item's.  The other hall was centred around manga, cosplay items, plush toy's, food item's (japanese sweets that sort of thing), Gundam model kits, anime themed bags, hentai & Yaoi and the 'comic village' which isn't for comedians no, it's a section for comic artists for people to meet and have custom artwork made for them.  I had an artist named Lee Bradley draw for me a really cool image of Tracks from Transformers.

Dara Diablo beat The Punk Prodigy in an NGW guest match.
Dara Diablo & Punk Prodigy
So there was alot of stuff to see around the entire two hall's which where linked so you didn't need to keep leaving one to go to the other.  Other attractions included matches from the FWA wrestling group, which was fun even if the crowd was a little on the dead side.  Kids had a corner dedicated to entertainment with activities such as plate spinning, arts and crafts etc.  If you always wanted to see a Delorean up close, or jump into the driver's seat of the general Lee then you could have your photo taken next to them.  The Tardis even landed there for some unknown reason, likely to do with saving the earth again no doubt. 

Food was available, but very pricey so I would recommend bringing your own grub for the show unless you have no problem paying £2.50 for a small cupcake.  Celebrities are another draw for the convention and there was a fair number even for sunday, although saturday is always the better day for celebs.  I didn't get any autograph's but it was still surreal walking past people who have been in big movies or are regular's on tv.

Some specific things I liked about the show was the T-shirt vendor who I got a sweet Necromorph t-shirt from.  Lee Bradley is a cool comic artist who is a great laugh and well worth seeing at the show's comic village, even if you don't want a print his work is very good, his website is  Although they aren't WWE, the FWA wrestling group are pretty good, better than TNA in my opinion and appear to be regular's at the convention, if you are a wrestling fan check them out at  There are plenty of other vendors I remember seeing and talking to, but unfortunately have way of listing a website or other contact, but trust me that show is worth visiting if you haven't been to any conventions before.

The next Birmigham convention will be in november and I am looking forward to getting another G1 Autobot image made by Lee, and probably picking up more collectible cards I won't acutally play with :)  Earler than this though is manchester expo in July, which will mark the second event held there.  I went to last years and although it was small by comparison it was absolutely heaving with people, I think the organisers had seriously misjudged the popularity of the event.  Hopefully this year will see a bigger venue and more vendors.

So yeah I really enjoyed Birmingham this april, and hope to go to more this year.  I will post more pictures taken by my girlfriend from the event below, enjoy and see you tomorrow for my next post here on critical rocket.


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